Sunday, June 29, 2008

After party at Denise's....

Tina, Ann Marie, Diana, Mo, Denise, Raegan and Kelly
Ann Marie, Angie, Mo, Denise, Diana
Mo, Denise, Raegan, Diana
As with any party, there's always the AFTER party to look forward too...:) Took me awhile to get Ash acclimated to their one big dog...come to find out there were THREE dogs there, total...oh lord! But, we did make some progress!!!!!

Let them eat cake....

Jessica LOVES her cake...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Jessica Lily!!!

Denise and Jess
Singing Happy Birthday Day!!
Jessica diggin' in...
Ashlee enjoys the party favors...
Aunt Sarah with Aiden, Ashlee and Collin in the pool...
Raegan and D
Mommy and son...Aiden and Raegan
Mommy and son...Sarah and Collin

Birthday's -birthday's, EVERYWHERE...and now it's time to celebrate baby Jess' day! That lil' preemie who was born 2 mos early...she was so teeny-tiny with a head of dark she is a chunky one with barely any hair (LOL) and it's BLONDE to boot!!! What a fun day at the JCC, and then the after party at Denise's...

And a special "shout out" to another birthday girl, Lilly Belle, who just celebrated her 4th bd party today, as well!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 35th Birthday, Rob!

June 30th is his actual bd, but we celebrated it today as a happy hour at "10 East Tavern"...the kids cooled off in the pool and we all munched on chix, burgers and dogs...What a fun day!

Hard to believe a YEAR ago we used Rob's bd as a decoy to throw Jimmy off for his surprise 40th at Kid Shelleen's...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On the News....

Our neighbors, the Bryants, invited us to their backyard bbq hosted by CBS, channel 3, with Meteorologist, Doug Kammerer (YUM)....he's even cuter in person...That weather man is, I mean the WEATHER was, hot, hot...:) What a fun swam in the pool, and we ate all the free food from Famous Dave's BBQ...ribs, chix, burgers, etc...we were LIVE at 4pm and 6pm...I didn't get to see it but I hear you could see us...what a great event!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beach Days....

Jim decided to take the day off Friday, so I did as well, and we escaped to the beach with the girls for some last minute beach fun...we packed up the car with lot's of sandwiches, and juices and snacks, headed to the beach...had a great time...then off to get showers and head to FUNLAND, where the girls enjoyed all the rides and games...finally it was time to grab some dogs and burgers and of course, Thrashers fries on the boards...and to top it off with ice cream and cotton candy...we got home by 10:30pm...we were all wiped out now....must do more of these!!!

Fun at Staci's...

A last minute gathering made for a nice end to our day on Thursday! The kid's had a blast making their own face ladies gorged on grilled chix salads and wine...Thanks, Staci!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It's crazy how time flies...8 years ago today you are a great couple...what a fun day for all!! Best wishes to many, many more!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Long time no see...

While enjoying some LSMJ at Rudder, I ran into my old friend who married and moved to NY....Janet and I met while working at First USA/Bank One/Chase...when she and I were both single, we went out and about alot and have many FUN memories! Good news, she may move back to DE soon...YAY! I miss her! Anyway, with my camera on the fritz, she sent me some pics from her phone camera...:)
A Fun time except for this lost beach boozer named BERN who would NOT leave me alone...scary old man!!

Body Shot...

Aw, young love....

Ski Shots...

A different way to do shots...Mama's way!

Greengenes, Rudder....

The gang, Sarah, Jody, Mo, Karen, mom...
Jody, Karen, Frank, Rob at Rudder
Karen, Mo, Jody
Get the groove on...Frank, Rob and Jody
Mo mingles with the lead singer...hugs and all...:)
What a fun way to start off our vacation week, like partying at the Rudder with a great band...:)

Mama Maria's...Dewey!

Joe & Mo
Joe and Franco (the owner of Mama's)
Mo, Joe, Franco...ohhhh
Mo, Rob.. "Bucket" the bartender, and Joey

Joey ventured to see us while on vaca, so we all headed to his fav place, Mama's...what a fun time we had....:)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

VACATION TIME!!!! 6/7-6/14

Little Sarah, Haylee, Jim, Collin and Ash enjoy the bon-fire
Mo, Jim, Jody, Rob, Frank, Karen, mom on first night there...
Haylee, Bella and Brianna enjoy the surf...
My lil' fish Ashlee...
Corona's on the beach at sunset...Loretta, Pat and Rob...
FUNLAND: Haylee and Ashlee (Haylee was not happy to be on a "baby" ride)

Finally the time has come for us to go on vaca...the kid's were more than excited, waiting patiently to pack up the car and see their cousin's and play on the beach for a glorious 7 days...

So a fun-filled vacation full of beaches and boardwalks and lot's of eating and drinking, celebrating and meeting up with old friends... and of course, LSMJ!!

We always ended each beach day, with some Corona's on the was a private beach, so we could drink! We also had a nice bon-fire on the beach and the kid's made s'mores!

We had the BEST weather ever...every day was sunny and warm!!!! We even bought one of those huge, round inflatable's and took it in the Ocean and got tossed like rag-dolls...I never laughed so hard!!!

So, here's some pics...oh, my camera battery died on Wednesday, half way thru our vaca...go figure!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, "Sister Dukes"....AKA Sarah (Filliben) Bowers

Fabulous time at CW Harborside,...then followed by some deck time at Iron Hill on the up...THE BEACH...:)