Monday, November 30, 2009

'Tis the Season to BAKE!

Seriously, the entire months of Nov and Dec I get into baking more and more! I love baking cookies (always stay true to the Tollhouse recipe of course!) But with all the Holiday parties that have been going on with schools, I had to think of something different, yet tasty! So, I also love this recipe from Kim's blog for pumpkin husband LOVES I will definitely be making more for Christmas (nice gift idea too!)

You can find the recipe below (thx Kim!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Out with Laura!

Our great friend Laura was in from Colorado this week, so we all got together to see her and catch up! Probably THEE most fun time I've had out with everyone in a long time. We truly had SO much fun, laughing and catching up...we just kept buying bottles of wine, and we all really enjoyed the night!! So glad we got the chance to get together!

Tina broke the bottom of her wine glass...this happened the last time we were here w/ Jody!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Post TG party!

A tradition that will never get old! The post Thanksgiving gathering at Aunt Bon's. It used to be a gathering of all cousin's, for a prayer it's a prayer service AND a visit from Santa and Mrs. Santa. They read and sing to the kids...hand out gifts and a perfect photo op! No long lines waiting at the mall now!!! And, we all have the best time ever! Awesome memories!!!

Bella and Haylee show off what they got from Santa (Ash was home sick w/ Jim)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another great Thanksgiving...this year was at Fran's house...I ate a TON! The kids love being with their cousin's...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Turkey" EVE

The night before TG and it's packed in every bar...where to go, where to go.....wherever Love Seed is!! First time a CW's, and the crowd was just right...danced the night away with friends and had a fantastic darn camera DIED...after just a few pics...need a new battery...

When it rains... POURS!!! Case in point...Monday night was emotional and stressful already since it was the viewing of Jim's grandfather...add more stress by getting a call that your 4yr old fell and gashed her head open...!!! So, I ran to TT to get Ash, and took her to Glasgow Med was a nightare experience...long story short, they attempted to inject 4 needles into her cut to numb it -- she got 2 in...Ash was freaking OUT screaming in pain, that all the nurses from the front desk came running in to assist!! They tried to suture it w/ 3 stitches but it wasn't numb enough, so they only got ONE stitch in....Ash was so upset, I asked them to stitch was good enough!! Good God...why can't they glue it or give her something to take the edge off like they do at the Dentist?!?! Oh well....she will have a nice scar!

Then I rushed her home so I could be with Jim in his time of need..I made it in good time!!!! TG!

Mo Chronicles

Today is only Wednesday and it's already THEE LONGEST week EVER! Monday we had Jim's grandfather's viewing...which was quickly interupted by Ashlee gashing her forehead at school and needing stitches (more later in Blog.) Luckily I was able to take her to the ER and still make it to viewing in time to support my husband! Tuesday was the funeral, and not 1 minute into following the funeral procession, a car accident happens (stupid woman not paying attn to the fact all cars had stopped to let the funeral procession go by)...TG nobody was hurt, which is a miracle considering the car damage. I think someone from 'above' was truly watching out for us...anyway, we all ended up being about 20 mins late for the funeral mass. The burial was touching-because he was a Vet from WWII, they played TAPS and did a 21-gun salute to him...they folded up the American flag and handed it to Jim's mom and Aunt. VERY touching!

So, tonite is Thanksgiving Eve...I generally avoid going out on this night since it's so busy out...however, LSMJ is playing at CW's and I haven't seen them since April...I'm jonesin' for some LOVE!!!! I think considering what a stressful and sad week this has been thus far, I'm due for a fun night out!!!

The rest of the week is going to be hectic: Thursday at Fran's in PA for TG dindin; Friday gathering at Aunt Bon's in PA to see Mr. and Mrs. Claus (and all my cousin's); Saturday 2 bd parties in PA and meeting up at Toscana's late night with an old friend who's in town...finally, Sunday...REST!!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tribute to Pop-Pop--A Truly AMAZING man...


I decided at theeee last minute to try and gather up my besties for some snacks, wine and had been a rough week for us, so we really needed some friends over to make us laugh and forget! Thx guys for coming over so late and helping me put everything out...I had a fantastic time!!!

Mo, Tina, Staci

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goodbye to a GREAT grandfather

Ash and Haylee adored their great grandfather (aka, Pop-pop w/ a cane) they are with him celebrating his 95th birthday just this past September!!!
Today we rec'd some very sad news this morning...Jim's grandfather (the girls GREAT grandfather) had passed away. He lived 95 FULL years...he truly lived a great cancer, no heart problems, just plain old age (arthritis, hearing aid, loss of muscle strength)...he was sharp as a tac. But this past month he fell ill to pnemonia...and was not able to swallow. Surely this was not the quality of life he wanted...I believe he was ready to be with his wife again...We will surely miss him!!

First Penance

Haylee receives her 'heart' Haylee ready to roll...
Yesterday, Haylee received her 1st Penance (reconciliation)...she was very anxious but did great. Very proud of her!!

I wasn't thrilled with how St. Anthony's held the ceremony -- they had 3 priests up on the alter, and THAT is where your child 'confessed' their privacy what-so-ever here...OMG I was mortified! Who does that?? What happened to PRIVACY people! There she sat, front and center up on the alter, face to face with a priest, while a long line of children and parents waited for their turn, as if waiting to see Santa or something...there they stood, steps away...standing there, starring at them while they spilled their most deepest regrets. I was not happy about this set up at all. Talk about feeling the pressure!! Why weren't they in the private booths?? You can bet your bottom dollar I'm voicing my opinion on this poor choice.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

15 Years later...

1994 2009

Football Party @ Tina's...

The tradition continues for our group football parties...this time was hosted by Tina & Matt. Call it whatever you want, it's an occasion for us girl's to get together and catch up...I haven't seen one game! Tina outdid herself as usual...tons of great food...chix, appi's, meatballs, salads, lasagna, dips, fruits, desserts...for the first time in a long time I felt the need to unbutton my pants to breathe! Next one isn't until Jan 3rd...we'll have to think of a good excuse to gather before then!!

Ash and Liam's 'fort'...under the buffet table
Jody's traveling 'huggie'...monogramed and all...:)
All the kiddies gathered together
Nothing beats female bonding time

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Out- N - About

What a fun Saturday night out...first up, Ches Inn for Tina Wolf's bd...lot's of fun catching up with her, she's a HOOT and hasn't changed on bit! Then me and Tina Ski rushed to Wilm to make the grand opening for Funkee Monkee...however at 11:45pm they were STILL charging $10, no off to BBC to see Rob Knotts and Chris M...then off to Scratches to see Jimmy Mac. Gotta luv hangin' at Magoo''s the only bar that let's you hang there til wayyyy past closing. Oh, and me and Tina made a 2am run for the Border....YUM!!!! FAB Times!!!!

Tina, Tina, Mo and Tina W's friends at Ches Inn
Tina and Tina making some moves on the dance floor
Me and Tinabina
at BBC with Chris n Knotters

us with the one of the owners of BBC, Dan
Bobby, me, Tina and Jimmy Mac at Scratches

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the Beginning...

So now it all makes is a pic of Joey as a baby with his dad holding a can't see it well but Joe's eye's are about the size of golf balls and he's drooling...licking his chops, wanting that, didn't take long...and so it goes, the real story of Joe and his love for good beer...JUST KIDDN' Joe! Seriously tho, I'm truly sorry for your loss...I know losing a parent must be extremely are in our thoughts and prayers!!!! May he rest in eternal peace!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Couple's Get-Away

A great w/e in Dewey to celebrate Rob and Jody's anniversary! We relaxed ocean front with hot choc and brandy, headed to a nice dinner at Striper Bites in Lewes, after dinner cocktails at Starboard, back to our ocean front room for night cap. Always fun, excitement and some drama, but what happens in Dewey, STAYS in Dewey!

A room with a view...:) I love it!