Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy come, Easy go....

For Christmas I bought Jimmy these very expensive goggles because the ones he had were old and cracked (he uses them when he is snowblowing the driveway, etc), they come in, and Jim LOVED them...he left them in the Fed X box in the garage, which I mistakenly thought was empty, and in the recycle trash the box went....with the brand new, never used, $90 goggles....sigh....:(
It pains me to know they are in the trash and we never ever got to wear them...:(

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reality Bites...

My life...right now...I should be celebrating...LIFE.  I'm kids/husband healthy...but yet my dad is not.  He is dying and has a few mos to live.  So, instead of working on my best friend's 40th montage, I'm actually working on my dad's funeral montage.  I hate to even admit it, but I started to do it now, because I know when 'that' times comes, I will find myself a mess.  I know I will NOT want to deal with a montage....the memories.  I will have too many other things to 'deal' with, and somehow still be a mom, make my kid's life as normal as possible, yet have them understand that their pop-pop is in heaven.

SO, I have the photo's uploaded...and I had to find the right song...and today, being off from the snow storm, I sat in my bed while the kids played.  So, as I was sifting thru ideas, I ran across Josh Groban...I instantly zeroed in on one particular song...I listened to it, and it was perfect...after I hit 'play', the tears rolled....I literally lost it.  The words were just right!  TG my husband was home, and somehow knew to come ck on me, and there I was, sobbing while listening to this amazing song...he just hugged me thru the rest of the song!!!  But, it's the one...the right one!!!!  TO WHERE YOU ARE.  Here is a 30 second clip (then you can click on the title name and hear it in full):

Snow Dayz...2011

So far Dec and January have had quite a bit of snowfall, and we are not even into February yet!  Personally, I'd rather NO SNOW...I want the sun and sand!  Girlz have been off 2 days in a row, and we just got the call they are off Friday now, too.  Jim even had off today (TY UPS)...they frollick in the snow but not for too long before their frozen faces come in for some hot cocoa!

Baking and school projects were on the agenda today...tomorrow cousin fun, Saturday cousin bd party, and Sunday Jim's dad is taking the girls to a Play/mucial in Wilmington, so Jim and I can have a free afternoon to ourselves!  Of course I'm hearing we are due to get MORE snow Saturday, and next week...ugh!

Can't believe January is almost DONE!  February is short, but sweet--holds lotssa fun...the 5th and 19th!  Then bring on MARCH BABY...the LOOPdeLOOP!!!!  Need I say more...

Haylee working on her paper mache for her 3-D School Project

Sunday, January 23, 2011

SATC Memory

Sitting here on a relaxing Sunday night, and watching one of my all-time FAVE movies...SATC the brings back so many memories of a fun night out with my's crazy how watching a movie can bring back so many memories...something nobody can take away from me...thx ladies!

GNO...January birthday celebrations!

A FUNtastic time as always!!!  We all met at Denise's for appi's and drinks...then off to Trolley for the and TACO bell late night..sleepover at Denise's...late night & giddy girls...up at 8am for a fab brunch...couldn't ask for a better time with my bestie's!!!!  Thank you everyone for the fun and memories!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Reunion!

Ashlee has been asking for 'her' Liam for awhile now, so she was thrilled to learn daddy planned a nice surprise for her...while the Women go out to celebrate January birthday's tonite in Trolly, the men are doing a playdate...Xbos and then dinner...FUN times!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Exactly a week ago today at this time I was in the ER...and I'm happy to report a week later, I'm fine.  The meds worked on the bacteria infection (which I will cont to take thru Thursday) and I was sure to rest for 7 days straight.

As for the kidney stones and appendix...they are still on 'watch'...but for now, as the saying goes...if it aint broke...don't fix it.  At least I know if I get any major pain anytime in the future, I will not mess around and go right to the ER.

So, all is well, that ends well...and I'm ready for the 22nd!!!

MLK...just what the 'doctor' ordered...

The last I talked to my dad was last Friday...he was like a little kid, all excited about finally getting my 'old' oven installed, and getting some very nice folding chairs...then I decided to rest all w/e, so I didn't get to see Monday was and myself were off.  W/ Sarah's fam it tow, we all decided to visit them today, complete with some flat bread, and Mo's homemade concoction cassarole. 
Unforntuately when we got there at 12ish, my dad was sleeping...never woke up by 1pm we decided to 'nudge' him to wake up, and eat something.  He said he's never ever felt so much pain EVER. He also had a low grade fever.  His back, chest, tummy and head HURT.  So, in went the Pecocet & Tylenol...tea and toast were one the menu...followed after a few hrs of my cassarole...and of course for dinner the best pork roast with all the best sides ever...he enjoyed it.  But sadly he could not get out of bed:(  So, if Mohommed won't come to the mountain...the mountain will come to Mohommed...we sat up in his room and helped keep him company...:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday outing...short lived

Our first down Saturday in weeks.  Sleeping in and coffee were on the agenda.  Then Haylee had swim lessons, baths and off to lunch at Bertucci's, followed by Boscov's and Block Buster.  I started to feel 'off' so we quickly came home, and I went to bed.  My belly hurt for a few mins but it stopped...but unfortunately I'm grounded by my hubs, while he goes out to watch the game, I was tempted to go to Jenn's to meet her and Rae with the kiddos....but he made it clear, no means'm feeling like a teenager again...hmmph!  So how bad is it really to lay in bed, watch reruns of SATC and eating dark chocolates...not too shabby for Mo!

Friday Night

With the crazy Holiday's of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's been awhile since we've done movie night with pizza and popcorn...time to enjoy Despicable Me!
pizza time

mommy and Ash snuggle

end of movie horsin' around

Friday, January 14, 2011


LOVE this bathing suit, and VS had a similar vintage, classy and retro all in one I think.  So here's my motivation to getting back into shape...I bought the VS version in baby blue...I've got less than 5 mos to make this happen...hey, if Kelly O. can pull it off and look good, I can sure as hell can try, right....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Out of nowhere at 7pm last night my belly started to hurt...for 3 hours straight, I was doubled over in horrible and constant pain.  I thought maybe I had the tummy bug, but surely it couldn't hurt THIS bad.  By 10pm I was in tears...Jim insisted I go to hospital.  That made me cry even more...I did NOT want to go sit in an ER for hours with this pain and all those sick people.  I do not handle the ER very well...I get nauseous just sitting there. 

So, I told Jim I would go, but he was to stay home with the girls.  Poor guy was a wreck, calling me every 5 mins.  The ride there seemed like forever as I hunched over in pain trying to drive.  I got admitted right away, and almost fainted so they laid me down and injected me with so major meds.  That zonked me OUT.

They did an array of tests...u/s, CAT scans, blood work, urine test.  What they found out is that I have a kidney stone, but they do not believe that is what is causing my major belly issues...sure it contributes to some of the pain, but not the belly 100%...they thought gall bladder, UTI and the stones combined...but all seemed ok w. gall and uti...they said my urine had bacteria in it, and my white blood cells were very low...but why, they are baffled. 

By 7am, I was able to go home, but I'm on 'watch' for more symptoms...specifically they are afraid of my appendix.

Jim and the girls came this morn to pick me up.  I was so woozy from all the drugs I was not allowed to drive home.  Jim took today off and is prepared to take the rest of the week off if need be.  The doc gave me 3 anti-biotics to take...

So, diagnosis unknown really...I asked about cancer (since it runs in my fam) and he said they did ck for that and saw no evidence of cancer.  I imagined this was the type of belly pain my dad is going thru...and it's awful!  I'm on Percocet as well...pain is still more when I'm standing...

I will rest and see how the week goes...hoping it's nothing major...and praying no more ER!  Let me tell you, all I heard is sick people throwing up all night, it was a nightmare!!!
God bless those nurses who had to deal with it takes a strong stomach to witness that as much as they do!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Even tho it was my bd, I had a 'rough' patch along the way, so my friend was so thoughtful and sent me the most creative flowers I've ever seen...a vase made out of martini glass!!!  Do they know me or WHAT, LOL!!!!  LOVE IT, thank you so much Janet!!!!!  It totally made my day!  Don't think you won't see me drinking out of this bad boy at some point soon...!
ps and thank you to all my friends for ALL the wonderful guys are the best!!!!!

Eagle's Game

What a great way to end my bd week...met with my family at my parent's for some flatbread pizza (my new obsession) and appi's and cake...then headed over to Rob and Jody's for some football fun...Jim and his bro enjoyed their xmas present by attending the game in person...tough loss but great party w/ amazing friends and family!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birthday Fun...

Yesterday Raegan hosted her son's 7th bd at her friend, Jenn's house...face painting, tons of crafts, & cupcake decorating made for a ton of fun for kids and the adults enjoyed catching up!!!