Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenges...and luck...

Lately, I've had ALOT going on...my head spins at night, and it's hard to sleep.  But TODAY I had 2 very different and yet odd challenges and luck!

First, I had my David Yurman ring on today...I don't wear it every day...and while I was driving home, I realized it wasn't on my finger...I'm freaking out..."did I wear it today"..."did I take it off..."  I KNEW I had it on, I just knew it...I'm driving on a major hwy trying not to focus on my ring whereabouts, yet, I couldn't help it...sure enough, I pulled over, looked in my purse, and low and behold there she was...she had fallen off my finger at some point!  OMG THANK YOU that it fell off in my purse and not in the parking garage or bathroom!!!  So, one lucky girl!!!

Then, when I got home...I was told by my brother (who has been living with us since May '09) that he was smoking a cig on our WOOD deck and it caught FIRE...(pics later, I don't have my camera)...It upset me ALOT...here we have been so generous to him, we opened up our house to him, rent free, and this is what we get in return--who smokes on a wood deck??  We just don't have the money to FIX this.  But, as I calmed down, I thought to myself how LUCKY I was that the fire had not reached the grill/propane which was inches away from the flame...thankful that the fire didn't ignite the entire deck...thankful the fire didn't ignite the HOUSE...thankful nobody was hurt...and VERY thankful it didn't happen at night while we would all be asleep (the deck lays flush against the kids' bedrooms.)

So, even tho there is significant damage, I'm very LUCKY as it could have been alot worse!!!! 

These are 'some' of my challenges today...and I'm really working on not dwelling on the negative, and finding the postive out of it all!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

2nd Glances...

Ok, I've always said that I think my friend Diana T. resembels celeb Kim K., but this photo really made me look twice, it's the spitting image of her!  I have a few friends that look like celebs and I think I might make this a reocurring thing on my BLOG...who will the next celeb look-alike be....stay tuned...:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cousin Time!

More parties, more reason's to get together and celebrate...Friday it was Mary's bd, so we had a nice bd celli at my mom's...followed by Saturday in Lancaster for Tommy's bd...Kid's LOVE seeing their cousin's!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ms. Diemer, her teacherwaving bye, sniff...sniff...

Wednesday, Aug 18th, both girls started back to school...Haylee into 3rd and Ash into Kindergarten.  Jim took the week off so he could be a part of their big day...both girls LOVE their teachers, and had a blast in school!!!  My babies are growing up!  It was a BIG DAY for Ashlee, being in a new school and meeting new friends...she adjusted very quickly!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

...and the winner IS....

Sony - Cyber-shot 14.1-Megapixel Digital Camera Kit - Red

My NEW love...!  It was a tight race between this and the Canon, but it came down to the color, believe it or not, I really wanted RED...Canon didn't have one to offer, so Sony won!  I was down to the wire, needing a camera desperately before my girls big first day of school today...I couldn't miss getting Ashlee on her first day of kindergarten (pics coming soon to Blogger!)

I'm not one to do well with change, and I'm so used to my old Nikon...it's hard to get used to this new camera, but in time I will...so, party ON!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maybe....Canon PowerShot A3100is

My next camera I believe...I've had the Nikon and Sony cams...I've heard good things about Canon...going to go this week to try a few out...there is just NO WAY I can wait until xmas or by bd for a camera, lol...who am I kidding!?

So Long....for now...

Well, looks like I'm going to have to take a bit of a break from my BLOG.  At least picture-wise.  Turns out my digi camera got submerged under water accidentally at a pool party last Saturday...we tried everything; burried it in a bag of rice for a few day, installed new battery...and nothing...dead...done!  So...not sure when I will get a new one, which means any pics I need to post on here from events will have to come from someone else's camera...so, be sure to send those pics to my work email and I can post pics...

Maybe Santa will find me a nice one...or, my bd in January...stay tuned...:(

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ice Cream Time!

The girls are at their cousin's house this week, in Lancaster (nice treat for mama)!  Her kids are about the same age as my kids...They LOVE going to Aunt Loretta's house...she spoils them...fun times swimming at the Country Club...and endless amounts of ice cream to help cool them off on these HOT-HUMID days!!!  So, Aunt Loretta keeps me posted by sending me pics of them:  Looks like they are having FUN!!  Thanks Big Sis...:)
Tommy, Ashlee, & Haylee (where's Bella?)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Follow Up

...so, to follow up to my last post about my daughter and her thumb sucking ordeal...I have to say, after just one LONG day with it on her thumb, she has not sucked her thumb since!!!!!  Basically she knew how bad that taste was, so she thought twice before putting that thumb in her mouth...AMEN!!!!  This product gets and A+....