Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ash does the usual...ZONKS out early!
Happily watching HSM2...:)

Of course I'm SICK....but, had a nice, low-key NYE night with my husband and daughters...early din-din out Cheeseburger in Paradise, followed by a Blockbuster movie...the girls picked, what else, HSM2....we popped popcorn and had our juice/beer and enjoyed the movie...Then kids to bed and Jim and I watched our own movie, followed by the ball dropping...goodbye wasn't so bad afterall!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

8 Happy Years...

Wedding Day, St. Anthony's
Wedding party (sorry it's not right side up)

Honeymoon, Sandals Bahamas

Rehearsal Dinner, Columbus Inn
Bach Party/limo to Philly

Bridesmaids luncheon (where I hosted a lunch and had Staci donn their entire BMaid attire)

New Years Eve/engagement at Long Wood Garden's

Bridal Shower @ the Italian Bistro

Engagement party, Union St.

Today is our anniversary...gosh, this time 8 years ago, we had a nice snowy day...almost didn't get married on the 30th, as our idiot priest was so convinced it was going to be a blizzard (which they were predicting) that he suggested we get married at the rehearsal....but, we declined and didn't give up the faith, and TG we didn' was a GREAT white wedding day!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Holiday Fun...

Train set and tree at Rob/Jods...
The family at my house for dinner Sunday...

Sunday night everyone came over my house for dinner and some fun! We made a nice pot roast with all the trimmings, and also made terryaki chix over noodles...YUM! My sis and her family spent the night, and we didn't get to bed until 2:30am...(yawn)...needless to say Jim and I were struggling getting out of bed for work this morn. Kids were not getting up so easily either, so I told my boss I'd be late...plain and simple. Got the kids up, dropped them off at nans, then headed into work (11am) where my boss says "oh, you should have just worked from home..." GRRRR! Oh well, he did say I could leave at!

Monday is another family gathering at Rob and Jods...the last night the Indiana folks are in, we'll enjoy dinner there but it must be an early night as BOTH girls have an 8am dentist appt Tuesday morn....UGH!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Family Gathering...

Sisters... Family...


My sister and her family are in from Indiana today, so it's back to my moms for more fun...I have to drop off the kids there by 10:30am, to make my brunch appt with an old friend by 11am...then off to pick up a gift for my Godchild, and pick up Cappriotti Subs for dinner for will be the first time ALL the cousins are in the same room in a year.

Haylee's Favorite Gift...

If you asked Haylee what she wanted for xmas, she would say over and over again, the Hannah Montana Holiday Rock Star Doll....she was soooooo happy when she opened her gifts and GOT IT...YAY for Santa...:)

Running for gifts...

A glimpse of xmas morning...I turned on the video about 10 seconds too soon (sorry), but this is just how the girls came down to see what Santa had brought them...they couldn't be more excited!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


A tuckered Haylee and Ashlee after a long but fun xmas day.
Cousins...Collin, Haylee, Ash and Ry

Haylee and Ashlee eating breakfast

Ashlee, Haylee and Ryleigh..


Showing off their goofy hats, thx Uncle John...

Doing arts & crafts...

As I type this blog, Haylee is patiently waiting on the steps to go downstairs...but Ashlee is still sleeping...oh the torture...! But once Ash awakes, we'll head down together, and they will tear into everything like one big whirlwind...Jim's mom, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and pop-pop all come over around 11am, to exchange gifts and have breakfast...hope my strata turns out OK...I was short an egg...hmmph! Anyway, around 3pm it's off to my parents for dinner...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve....

Haylee, Jim, Ashlee and MO watching the Grinch...
Haylee and Ash feeding the lawn with reindeer food on this windy night!

Our tradition is we make cookies (for Santa), and feed the lawn with reindeer food (oatmeal) then read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and off to bed they go...Jim and I enjoy some snacks and wine while wrapping gifts...the girls were just beside themselves going to bed...too excited for tomorrow! Jim and I also open ONE gift each...he got his new iPod Nano, which he LOVED and I got a new cell phone, the Slate...very cool!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pre-Holiday Fun

I Decided to have some friends/family over for some egg nog and see our tree before the madness night!!! Too much fun+too much wine=falling down the steps! OUCH!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Cheer...

M&M's with our kids faces on them (it's hard to see I know)

Thank you Tina & Matthew for hosting yet another Holiday dinner for us. They pull out all the stops...every detail is just perfect. The food is amazing. This year she did something I've never seen...she had goodie bags of M&M's with the faces our each of our kids on them....Great time with good friends...:)

Friday, December 19, 2008

FLASHBACK FRIDAY (again)...Christmas 1998

Jerry, Joe, Jody, Staci and Renee
Michele, Laura, Staci and Byan
Sarah, Mo, Staci, Nancy and Jody

Amanda, her boyfriend, Jeremy and Janet

bottoms UP...Joey doing a beer keg stand....

Laura, Mo, Sarah, Renee, and her friend.

Making up for some lags in my FBF posts...eventually I'll be making these monthly, I'm running out of pics...LOL! Anyway, here's some crazy fun pics from the good ole' years of Union times!

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Christmas 2006

Ashlee (with black eye), and Lyndsie

Haylee and Gavin
...seems like yesterday...