Thursday, December 25, 2008


A tuckered Haylee and Ashlee after a long but fun xmas day.
Cousins...Collin, Haylee, Ash and Ry

Haylee and Ashlee eating breakfast

Ashlee, Haylee and Ryleigh..


Showing off their goofy hats, thx Uncle John...

Doing arts & crafts...

As I type this blog, Haylee is patiently waiting on the steps to go downstairs...but Ashlee is still sleeping...oh the torture...! But once Ash awakes, we'll head down together, and they will tear into everything like one big whirlwind...Jim's mom, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and pop-pop all come over around 11am, to exchange gifts and have breakfast...hope my strata turns out OK...I was short an egg...hmmph! Anyway, around 3pm it's off to my parents for dinner...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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