Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

This year we had a load full of company for Halloween! They came for a lite dinner, appis and watched all the lil' darlings come to our door dressed and ready for their treat! Haylee was a pink batgirl, and Ashlee was Dorothy, donned their costumes as well and enjoy the Sunset Run Parade and then off to Trick or Treat with pop-pop....a fantastic day!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It COULD Happen to YOU...part I

Did you ever get someone fired??? Unintentionally??? It’s not something I ever wanted to do, nor thought could happen…but it did…TWICE! And both came back to bite me…
Incident#1…about 9 years ago, I worked in the lobby of our building and I managed all corporate functions for execs and employee’s, both offsite and onsite. Our HR group was planning a big party; so it was my job to find a local restaurant, order the food, drinks, etc. I worked diligently with the employees at this particular restaurant, Christina River Club, which has since closed. The event went OK, however, they were not prepared for such a big party, and kept running out of food, and our waitress was less than professional…after all, we are spending a couple grand on this. So, after the event was over, my boss insisted I go and tell the manager how disappointed I was and to make mention of the poor service from our waitress! I seriously hate controversy and certainly did not have the balls to go do such a thing, but she told me to ‘step up to the challenge’, and this was ‘part of my job requirement’…FINE…so I went spoke to the owner and in a nice, professional way, explained our issues.
The next day, as I sit at my desk in the main lobby, where everyone can see me, in walks none other than, the waitress whom we complained about from the night before. She proceeds to tell me that I got her FIRED…gasp! She’s NOT happy, she’s leaning over my desk, in my face…telling me she needed that job, she has kids…my heart is pounding, she’s screaming, yet, in my head, I’m slowly tuning her out, as I’m envisioning my obit…clearly this lady was going postal on me…god knows what she was packing under that trench coat…I could barely speak, but I kept saying, in my most professional voice “I’m sorry to hear this, I did not ask for you to be fired, but simply felt that your service yesterday was less than desired for the event we had planned”….Please god, someone MUST see this and HEAR her going off on me…where is said BOSS lady…get your arss in here and fast, this is YOUR fault…and where the hell is the panic button at my desk…where is security!?! Since this was pre-9/11, our security guards were very lax. FINALLY, after what felt like an agonizing HOUR, my boss came out and escorted the lady out, telling her she would talk to the owner and try and fix this issue…O.M.G. I truly saw my life flash before me…THEN, after she is gone, good ole’ security comes in and takes my statement and whatnot…too late you idiots…the freak LEFT…!! I mean, I felt horrible she got fired…I never thought that was going to happen, so I can see her reason for angst…but you never know what people will do in the heat of the moment!!!
She did come back in a few weeks later to apologize to me, and said she found a better waitressing job….WHEW!
What I did learn is to speak up when there is poor service. It has proven very beneficial to me every time. For instance, I had a big family party in Dec and ordered some catering from Olive Garden. When got the food and brought it home, they forgot my bread stix…HMMPH!!! I was so mad…so I wrote a letter to them, expressing my thoughts, and they gave me a $75 gift card for that restaurant! I had a similar incident with Season’s Pizza…ordered catering, disliked it, wrote a letter…got another $35 gift card. Not too shabby!!!

Good Deed for the Day!

I had a 9:45am dentist appt this morning, for my 6 mos. cleaning. As I sat and waited for my name to be called, an older, biz like woman walked in and stated she was there for her 9:45am, 6 mos cleaning. After much searching, the Denist realized they made a mistake and didn't have her name. It was her first appt with them. She seemed very sad and disappointed. She called her admin to make sure it was for TODAY and it was. I felt compelled at that moment to stand up and offer her MY spot, since we had the same time slot and same cleaning. This woman was SO happy, she called me her "angel" and said this was her "lucky day"...she thanked me over and over again for giving up my spot for a complete stranger. I wanted to help out, and I will say, in that moment, it made MY day to know I made someone else's day, with such a simple act of kindness!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FREE= Insanity!!

Well, screw the free taco day! I hurried after work, in btwn picking up the 2 girls, and tried to get my free taco, and some...but what to my wondering eyes do I see....a freaking LINE out the wahzoo for TB sad, knowing I had NO time to sit and wait in line, as I had to pick up Haylee before 6pm....UGH!

It's for free now....

Get your taco on...

Since a base was stolen in the World Series, today is the day that you can cash in on the steal a base, steal a taco deal. Stop at any Taco Bell today between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., and get your free, crispy beef taco....I'm so craving one, so I'm THERE!
Did I mention it's FREE...


I went out to dinner last night with an old boss, who called me up and was having some personal issues and really needed to talk to me. We were very close when I worked for her, but she was way too much into my biz back then, calling herself my "Mother" and I eventually had to request for another 'boss'...but we still remained close! But being with her last night brought up the two WORST pet peeves I hate the most...1)If you mother taught you anything, it was to never (and I mean NEVER) talk with food in your mouth!!!! For God sakes, chew it, swallow it, then talk to me. I love seafood, just don't care to SEE your food!!! Not to mention as your shoveling it in your mouth, it's grossly all over your mouth, and bits and pieces are flying at, I literally had to tune her out, and talk myself thru this fiasco and just focus on her not look at her mouth!!!! Which brings me to pet peeve #2, if you must blow your nose, please, please, PLEASE excuse yourself and go outside or to the bathroom...just get away from ME. There is nothing worse than talking to someone face to face, while they blow into a tissue...the sound alone makes me want to gag right now...but when I'm EATING, I must say that right there is just plain WRONG....where are your manners...etiquette?!

JUST in time for Halloween...

Ok, now I've seen it ALL....candy toilets??? Get a load of this crap! Yeah, that was TOO easy. Now, if you've ever wondered what your TOILET tastes like, for $19.80 you can lick 12 of them.

Saturday, October 25, 2008 in the rain!

Ok, what was supposed to be a day of gathering for Haylee's soccer game, with friends and family, it got canc'd due to rain, NO, we decided to have them all over anyway, and make the most of a rainy day...turned out to be fun at the Mulvenas....

Friday, October 24, 2008


Keeping in mind how fast they grow up, another timeless pic that seems like yesterday (Ash was 6 mos old, Liam and Lynds were 9 mos old)...the 3 little buds, Liam, Lyndsie, and Ashlee! Here they are now 3 years old!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something new....

So, I've never been tagged before, at least that I know of...and sad to say, really only read two blogs...Kim and Bryan', tagged me, so here goes...
Furniture: I love decorating, but I'm a real simplistic - hate gaudy stuff or just things too junky. Simple, elegant, classy...
Clothes: I love trying new things...really into the "skinny" (aka, straight leg) jeans. I'm a Tee shirt kind of gal...but love to get dressed up for weddings. And I have an on-line shopping addiction with Victoria's Secret...just love that catalogue!!
Sweets: Sad (and odd), I'm not a huge sweets person...don't get me wrong, I indulge in the occasional cookie (has to be home made and only choc chip.) I like simple chocolate nuts, no caramel...LOVE truffles, and I dig just plain vanilla ice cream is the best. I'm more of a mousse or pie gal, than flour based cakes, etc. But, I have to really be craving's just not something I normally think about or must have...
City: Definitely haven't traveled that much...the norms like the Islands, Florida, Indiana, but that is about it...desperately want to go to Ireland one of these days.
Drink:A bad habit of mine is that I do not drink enuff water/fluids a day....I just rarely feel thirsty...but, if I do it's water, and some fruit juices. I love my Pinot grigio, and I dig red wine as well...if I am not in the mood for wine, it's sprite and vodka...
Music: I'm not huge into music...I don't have or want an iPod or care to down load songs...I listen to whatever is on the radio. My fav band is Counting Crows...if I'm in a mellow mood, John Denver (just reminds me of my childhood.)
TV Series: Must see TV is Thursday, 9pm, Grey's Anatomy. Sunday's is Desperate Housewives...other than, I will flip thru channels until some rerun catches my eye.
Film: Really love Father of the Bride/II. Just adore that film. Growing up, THAT is how I envisioned a perfect family...the doting father, the always happy mother, in a gorgeous home!
Workout: My employer used to have a gym...but, like everything else, they took it away from I joined the new YMCA near my house...I try and go in the mornings and w/e's, but easier said than done. I also try and get on my EFX machine in my bedroom...
Pastries: Nah! Never got into pastries or donuts...I think this goes with my not into sweets deal. I know, something is wrong with me!!
Coffee: Love my Gevalia that gets delivered a few times a is so smooth and tasty. Currently the flavor of choice is Pumpkin Spice...YUMMMMM!

Ready for the tags? You're it...

Friday, October 17, 2008

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Haylee and Gavin, 9/27/03

I'm still amazed at how truly time can minute they are just lil' peanuts, and the next they are reading and writing!!! These 2 have grown up together since birth, and remain great buds!!! Here's a pic of them at a birthday party...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I must say, baseball is one of the most boring sports to watch (for me)...GOLF being #1 most boring...BUT, when my hometown team does so well, and could possibly win the WORLD SERIES, you can't help but watch...and, well, it surely doesn't HURT to have such a hottie as Cole Hamels...!!! I love men in uniform...and since my husband is not only a huge baseball fan, he also plays the sport every Spring and I love when he's in his uniform...!!! Go COLE...I mean, PHILLIES!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


DOH...After Ashlee's bath yesterday, I meant to take just a tiny amt. off...but by the first snip, it was too late...and all she kept saying was "MOMMY...I don't wanna look like a boy, O-tay?!" Hey, what's done is will grow...:) I tried to get some pics but she clearly became annoyed fast and flat out refused to pose...:(

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The after party...

Mo and Jim
Pumpkin kissing
Frank, Leah and Karen Rich
CRAZY Karen...
Karen and Rob
Neighbors from the 'MONT...AJ and Nicole
Fireman Frank...Nic and AJ
Jods, Sarah, Mo, Nic and Karen
More fun ensues...

Happy 4th birthday, Ryleigh!

Ry with her halloween themed cake
The gang with their fake teeth
Jody, Ry, Jody's mom, Jody's grandmom and Jods sister, Tracy
Spider pinata
kids having fun in the playroom
Further fun for the kids...the PARTY begins...

Pumpkin Picking

Uncle Jimmy and Ry ck out the bad pumpkins...
best buds Tommy and Ashlee
Ryleigh (in a mask), w/ her cousins, Collin, Bella and Haylee
Cousins on white pumpkins....
Uncle Mike shows the goods...
A fun day for all...first pumpkin picking at Ramsey's Farms...then back to the house for dinner, cake and pinata...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday fun night,,,

Givin' love...
3 girls...(thx Chris)
Lolly pop...lolly pop
Staci hosted a last min we came...we had a grt time.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


A little dedication to Denise and Bert since it's their 9 year wedding anniv. This was taken at their house, on NYE...