Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From one blog to another...

What a GREAT honor to be asked to appear in my friend, Janet's blog...here is a sneak peak!

Thanks, Janet...you did an awesome job...can't wait to see next's weeks addition!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Holiday Visit

My cousin and her family, along with my Uncle (my dad's brother) came to visit my parents this morn...it really made his day to see his brother!!  They had a family 'rift' for years and years...and I thank God that they were both able to put those differences aside to join together and remember what love and family are all about!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


A tradition that has been going on for decades...post TG party/prayer service at Aunt Bon's!  Mrs. & Mr. Clause themselves arrv, read to kids, sing with kids, and hand out gifts to kids...truly a joy to watch their faces light up with the big man in the room!!!  The prayer service was really hard this year...first time I can ever remember that my dad (and mom) were NOT there...his seat sat empty, and it was hard not to fight back the tears during the prayer service for him...but I truly enjoyed seeing all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and little ones...made it worth the trip!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day, 2010

A fun day at the Mulvenas...not the same w.o my dad tho...he wanted to stay home and be alone...he was in too much pain...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I love that my girls want to be together...I know these moments won't always last forever!

BEFORE bedding down....


Monday, November 22, 2010

My wish...

The line "...accept the things I cannot change..." has been a BIG challenge for me.  I've had less than a year to 'accept' my dad's condition...we tried, but we cannot change it.  He has 2 cancers...his tumor is growing back...he is in severe pain...he IS going to die.  .

The line "...the courage to change the things I can..." can be equally challenging.  I'm digging deep inside me to understand that altho I cannot 'change' his longevity of life...I can change how he spends the next few days, weeks or months of his life!  I CAN be there...I can visit and make him laugh...I can say that every day he is alive and alert/active, it's a blessing!!!

What I am finding the most difficult is understanding WHY?!  I know we all live our life, KNOWING one day we will die.  We generally don't know when or how.  We hope and pray we live a long, healthy life, and die of old age...in our sleep!  The downfall to dying suddenly is that you don't get to say goodbye to loved ones.  But for many, they DO know when, and how they will die.  It's a painful realization knowing you only have a few days/months left to be with loved ones, but the good side (if that's even possible) is that you have time to say goodbye!

I have accepted my dad's fate.  I don't like it and I cry everyday.  I knew once he was done chemo, that the tumor would grow fast...I just didn't realize HOW fast.  He is on pain meds to deal with the back and belly pain, which is SO severe.  I accept he is dying...but I cannot accept watching him suffer!!!  He has been thru SO much the past year--w/ every step forward, we took 3 steps back!  I dread the fact that this is our last Thanksgiving with him...and my heart breaks for my mom, who has been devoted to him for over 50 years!  How do you accept that?! 

MY WISH is that he can enjoy the Holidays pain free, with his family and loved ones...for him and for his family...WE NEED THIS FINAL TIME!!!

I'm so thankful to every single family member and friend who has reached out to me/us...you have no idea how much that support means to me!  THESE are the people who are helping me with the "...wisdom to know the difference..."

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bieber FEVER

The girls first concert...Justin Bieber!!!  He was in Atlantic City yesterday, so Jody and I purchased tix for the kiddos...we kept it a secret for months, and finally spilled the beans right before we left...and the BIGGEST surprise was Jody buying a limo for us...woohoo (with my fave wine, too!!!!!)  So, it was the girls first concert AND first limo ride!!  They were giddy with glee!!!!  All and all the concert was awesome...JB put on a great show!  Of course it started at 7pm, but he didn't come on until 9pm...it was a VERY loud, but the girls adjusted.  After an hour of of JB on stage, Ash was ready to zonk...and she did, right there on my lap, blarring music, screaming tweens and all!!!  Definitely a night to remember tho!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


keeping track of progress...for the reward of going to Border's Book Store...

Love Seed--West Chester Style...

I haven't been to WC in decades, so it was really fun going to visit friends and meet new friends...then off to Barnaby's to see Rick and Cliff do a really awesome acoustic job (and they played my FAVE, Julio!)
The ONLY problem is....it's a TUESDAY...not fun waking up the next morn and going to work!!!  Thx K for the invite and nice spread!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The post-party

After the wine tasting I had a slew of guests spend the night...big breakfast the next morn with mimosa's and all sorts of crazy shots...I was in hell this morning...thx R!

Milyo Wine Tasting

A FABulous night of great friends, fine wine and LOTS of laughs!!!!