Friday, November 28, 2008

Santa Visit....

Every year, my Aunt Bonnie hosts a big party the day after Thanksgiving...and she has Mr. & Mrs. Claus come, read a story to the kid's and sing Christmas songs, then each child gets a pic on Santa's lap and gets a gift. We love this day because I see ALL my cousin's that I don't get to see often enough, and they bring THEIR kids, so you can imagine how crowded it is...but so worth it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in Lancaster...delish food, and SO MUCH to be thankful for!!!! I ate a TON, not to mention ALL the desserts....I'm still stuffed! Well, it was a great night up until it was time to leave. Ashlee and Haylee were to spend the night there, but as we were leaving, I felt Ash's head as she was sleeping and it was hot. Took her temp 5 times...a FEVER! I couldn't leave her she came home with us. I had packed some Motrin with me, so I gave her a dose of that, and she was fever free by the time we got home. BUT DUMMY ME, didn't chose the right cough meds...I gave her the 'expectorant' instead of the 'suppressant' and needless to say, she coughed quite a bit last night...ugh! So, this morn she's fever free, still has a cough though. We were supposed to go see Mr. & Mrs. Claus at my Aunt's house tonite with ALL the cousin's, so we'll see how that goes...I'd hate for her to miss all that fun! My lunch with Joey though, is most likely off...boy he won't be happy...darn, sorry JOE! Kids are unpredictable!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday night FUN!

After this w/e, we are booked solid until January, so I had an itchin' to make a nice pot roast and invite some family over for dinner Friday....pot roast, pumkin pie, tons of appi's, egg nog and other cheer...Kids got to make their own sundae' was so much fun!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Chrissy, Jody, Staci, Mo, Raegan, Karen, Kim, Tina
Tina, Kim, Mo, Staci
Kim and her main squeeze, Justice

A fantastic time out with girlfriends...enjoying good food, drinks and gabbing it up!

Pancake Fun...on a rainy Saturday morn...

Usually their daddy is the pancake master...but he was busy getting mom's oil it was up to mommy to save the day! The girl's love making pancakes...and although I'm not a huge fan of pancakes (I seriously have to be in the mood for them), I ate them! They were delish!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today I had my 5th suspicious freckle removed, in the past 2 years. It was on my neck, and it HURT when he removed it. I will find out in 2 weeks the results (gulp). Trust me when I say, my past experiences with the sun were bad ones. I thought that the tanner I was, the better I looked. Well, take it from this very fair-skinned Irish girl, who didn't tan easily, that I didn't care.

After HS, I made it my mission to make myself tan...and I eventually won. Tanned everyday...tanning beds were my friend. You'd occassionally find me up on top of my parent's roof top, just to be closer to the sun!!! Sure, I'd burn first...but eventually I would tan a nice golden color, which ironically I thought made me look healthy!

But let's skip back to my childhood where my parents didn't put sunscreen on me, until AFTER I burned...I can't tell you how many times I had sun poisoning on my body or my FACE.
Now I don't even BOTHER to tan...haven't been in a sun bed in YEARS. I prefer to fake it...spray on tan, of self tanners are now my friends. My body is nothing but freckles and moles! Not as bad as Lyndsie Lohan, but close enuff!

I found something interesting at my docs office today. He said even those who DO tan easily, are just as (if not more) susceptible to skin cancer. I know a girl who had beautiful skin, no freckles and tanned very her early 20's, she found out she had skin cancer. I was shocked because she didn't present to be a candidate. Almost like someone who never smokes gets lung cancer...they listen up and cover up. Skin cancer can come at any point in your life. I'm taking the extra precautions to get myself ck'd out every 6 mos (after Summer.) Have YOU?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Shoot Me....

I had to blog about a very embarrassing experience that happened to me last Friday. When I pulled up to my house, there was a County cop sitting next door at my neighbors house. I pulled into my garage and told Haylee to go grab the mail, as I got Ash out of the car...the cop came up to me and asked me a few questions about my neighbor - turns out her home alarm went off and she was not home. Anyway, after a few seconds of chit-chat, Haylee returns from grabbing the mail, and (again, if you don't know Haylee, she is VERY outgoing), she proceeds to say "HI" to the officer and exclaims "I got the mail..." as she holds up the Frederick's of Hollywood magazine...oh dear God, make it go away...why not just show him my underwear while you're at it!!!! I just wanted to DIE of embarrassement!!!! Hands-down, the most UNCOMFORTABLE moment to date! The officer gave a quick smile and nod to Haylee, and he walked away...suffice to say, he was speechless!

Fun Day Off...

Being a Holiday (Vet's Day), our bank had off, and so did the, I decided to make the most of our 'girl' time and have some fun. First agenda of the day, Haylee's 9:30am 2nd dose of the flu mist...but we get there and THEN they tell us "we ran out!".....grrrr...hello, do you know what a PHONE is people?? It would have been nice if you called and told me this before I came in?!? So, they 'might' have some in at 3:30pm today, so they will call...then off to Border's Books where the girls really enjoyed the kiddie section. They were so good, and I allowed them each 2 choices. Then off to Dunkin' Donuts for some good grub. Next stop, the park...but, on our way there, Haylee says her belly "REALLY", just to be safe, I came home. She is not feeling too well for now, so she's laying on the couch, and they are both watching a new Bratz movie. I could tell when she woke up today, she didn't seem herself, so I pray she is not getting some tummy bug!!!!
*side note-Haylee is feeling 100% better, I think the milk at DD was too much for her belly*
**side note 2-Haylee's doc called at 2pm, and said her mist meds were in, and so we were there by 2:30pm, and all is complete!**

Sunday, November 9, 2008


A much needed girls' night out! So much stress over the week, it was a night to just forget about it all and have FUN! Great time!!...poor Kim felt the affects of the shots the next day...poor girl! Need to groome that girl for St. Pat's!!! LOL!