Friday, November 7, 2008


I must say, this stuff IS GREAT!!! My kid's literally look forward to brushing at night and in the mornings now, just because they love this stuff!!! It's geared for kids, and they like that they get to squeeze the bottle until the fluid gets to desired line, pour it into the cup...then it's gargle and spit...and you should see any gunk they missed while brushing! They use it EVERY time, so we ran out fairly, it's been 2 days and mommy's been slacking and hasn't bought a new bottle yet! Boy are those girls harsh on ME..."did you buy more wash yet?"...yes, they call it "wash"'s 'RINSE' girls, not 'wash'." So TODAY, I promised I'd get it today...god help me if that Acme doesn't have it!!!! Ah, the price I pay for just a little extra protection!!! So worth it!


Anonymous said...

UGH. I made the mistake of getting the BLUE. It stains everything!

MO said...

I always go for the lighter color...TG, the girls love the taste, and no stains...LOL!