Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in Lancaster...delish food, and SO MUCH to be thankful for!!!! I ate a TON, not to mention ALL the desserts....I'm still stuffed! Well, it was a great night up until it was time to leave. Ashlee and Haylee were to spend the night there, but as we were leaving, I felt Ash's head as she was sleeping and it was hot. Took her temp 5 times...a FEVER! I couldn't leave her she came home with us. I had packed some Motrin with me, so I gave her a dose of that, and she was fever free by the time we got home. BUT DUMMY ME, didn't chose the right cough meds...I gave her the 'expectorant' instead of the 'suppressant' and needless to say, she coughed quite a bit last night...ugh! So, this morn she's fever free, still has a cough though. We were supposed to go see Mr. & Mrs. Claus at my Aunt's house tonite with ALL the cousin's, so we'll see how that goes...I'd hate for her to miss all that fun! My lunch with Joey though, is most likely off...boy he won't be happy...darn, sorry JOE! Kids are unpredictable!

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