Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Day Off...

Being a Holiday (Vet's Day), our bank had off, and so did the schools...so, I decided to make the most of our 'girl' time and have some fun. First agenda of the day, Haylee's 9:30am 2nd dose of the flu mist...but we get there and THEN they tell us "we ran out!".....grrrr...hello, do you know what a PHONE is people?? It would have been nice if you called and told me this before I came in?!? So, they 'might' have some in at 3:30pm today, so they will call...then off to Border's Books where the girls really enjoyed the kiddie section. They were so good, and I allowed them each 2 choices. Then off to Dunkin' Donuts for some good grub. Next stop, the park...but, on our way there, Haylee says her belly "REALLY" hurts...so, just to be safe, I came home. She is not feeling too well for now, so she's laying on the couch, and they are both watching a new Bratz movie. I could tell when she woke up today, she didn't seem herself, so I pray she is not getting some tummy bug!!!!
*side note-Haylee is feeling 100% better, I think the milk at DD was too much for her belly*
**side note 2-Haylee's doc called at 2pm, and said her mist meds were in, and so we were there by 2:30pm, and all is complete!**

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Kimmie said...

Gah, I was wondering why everyone had off! I'm glad you enjoyed your special day with your girls.