Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheers...happy hour 3/27/09

Kids roast marshmellows
After dinner drink...
Salute...Rob, Mo, dad...the last ones standing!

Last Friday we hosted a last minute happy hour at our house...tons of appis, salmon, pizza and spirits to go around...top off the night sitting by the fire pit. Great way to end the week!!

Just another Tuesday...

Haylee enjoys her ice cream while watching her show Ash paints

Jim is helping his brother tonite...so after a good dinner, the kids did different things...while one painted, the other enjoyed her ice cream...and I enjoyed my wine.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Rick and Diana Justice, Tina, Kim, Rick, Mo

T, Mo, Tina and Rick

Kim, Rick

A nice gathering to meet up with friend's and catch up at Toscana...then a nitecap at 1717 where T hooked us up!!! It was great seeing Rick again....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

LOST tooth...

A bit blurry, but this is her tooth carrying case...came with her book "My First Tooth is Loose"

Friday was a BIG day for Haylee...she lost her very first TOOTH! It was a long time in the making, as it has been loose for several months. But, Friday at 6pm, she screeched out to me that "my tooth is out"....I ran to see her, and with tears, there it was....her very first baby tooth. I immediately remembered when her baby teeth came IN, and here I am seeing them come out. I am super sentimental as it is, so seeing her lil' baby tooth just made me realize how big she is getting...We celebrated by going to Nanny and Pop-pop's, and the tooth Fairy was very generous...now I ask myself, what the hell do I DO with this tooth...? Give it to her as a gift on her wedding day?!?

Play Date Fun...:)

Fabulous mommies... Jody, Denise and Staci

Ashlee shows off her egg decoration Baby Jess gently carries around another baby doll...
Kids in play..Ry and Cass
Jumpin in the bouncy...Haylee and Lilly
Ash shows off her decorated cookies
Haylee shows off her cookie

Cookie creations in the making
Ms. Kim paints on Lills

A work of art

Liam and his soccer face

Beautiful Ashlee
Cutie Cassidy

Loverly Lyndsie

Our new thing is taking turns enjoying playdates at a friends house...I was the first to host back in January, and Karen hosted today...we all had such a great time...kid's enjoyed a pluther of activities from decorating their Easter egg cookies, to jumpin in the bouncy, swingin on the swings and the very best, was Ms. Kimmie's face painting...(maybe not Kimmie's fav thing)...we had tons of great food, great company, a great time. Can't wait for the NEXT one!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: tiny dancers, #2

Liam and his girl Lyndsie get down...then he makes faces at the end and she does what every girl would do...push him away...LOL...hmmmm, who teachers Liam to dance like that, ey?!!?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Pat's Loop/Staci bd celebration

Rob and Staci
Rob K and Tina

Frank and Rob

The girlz
Tina, Mo, Karen and Kim

Tim and Rob

The fun continues at the Logan House...ran into so many friend's...did a birthday shot for Staci...everyone had a blast!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Pat's Parade

Mo, Staci and Jody at DP's for lunch Princess Haylee


Haylee, Bella, Tommy and Ash

My one and only favorite loop of the year! I had to regroup from a fun night prior...coffee will do the trick! Hit the parade in Wilm...kids loved it. Then lunch at Dead Prez....great time. Then off to Logan to meet up for Staci's bd celebration....had a BLAST!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

St. Pat's Party...with my cousin's

Ash and Kiera enjoy some snacks
Rob, Jody, Loretta, Sarah and dad

Dad, Jods and Fran
And more cousin's

3rd year my cuz Ron hosted this FUN party for all!!! We missed year #1 due to an ice storm...I was so bummed, it ruined the loop that year as well. But made it last year and we are looking fwd to another fun year tonite!!! Must be good as to not spoil myself for the loop/Staci's bd tomorrow...fun times!!!