Saturday, March 21, 2009

Play Date Fun...:)

Fabulous mommies... Jody, Denise and Staci

Ashlee shows off her egg decoration Baby Jess gently carries around another baby doll...
Kids in play..Ry and Cass
Jumpin in the bouncy...Haylee and Lilly
Ash shows off her decorated cookies
Haylee shows off her cookie

Cookie creations in the making
Ms. Kim paints on Lills

A work of art

Liam and his soccer face

Beautiful Ashlee
Cutie Cassidy

Loverly Lyndsie

Our new thing is taking turns enjoying playdates at a friends house...I was the first to host back in January, and Karen hosted today...we all had such a great time...kid's enjoyed a pluther of activities from decorating their Easter egg cookies, to jumpin in the bouncy, swingin on the swings and the very best, was Ms. Kimmie's face painting...(maybe not Kimmie's fav thing)...we had tons of great food, great company, a great time. Can't wait for the NEXT one!!!

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