Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, it just never ends...looks like someone has decided to disrespect my blog once again, and on Dec 15, 2011, posted some VERY VULGAR comments as far back as 2008 posts, and targeted someone very specific...

I'm sad that someone is so hateful...I'm sad I have to start a new blog simply becasue someone can't be mature and needs to grow up.  I have my feelings on who it is...so, I will be careful who to give my new link to.

For this coward who has no morals or life, other than to degrade someone else, my advice to you is to seek counselling...life is too short to hate the way you hate.  Your life must be pretty sad if you have nothing better to do than go thru my Blog and make hateful comments...I feel sorry for you, as you certainly need help!