Saturday, January 31, 2009

Trolley Sq. Fun

Marika, Tina, Jody, Renee, Mo
Denise and Bert
Denise and her butt with Andrew's hand...:)

Denise, Mo, Kim, Tina, Jody (Renee in back)
Andrew and Bert

A fun night out with good friend's to help ring in Denise's birthday!!!! It was great to see everyone! And that pizza at Toscana's is the best...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner with a friend.

SEE this...Haylee, Ash, and Liam
MO and Tina

Tina suggested coming over tonite and making a nice dinner, with our FAV wine, Santa Margarita BABY! It was JUST what I need for the mid week blues...tomorrow is another fun night out with some more friends...the whole Month of FEB is nothing but bd parties and fun gatherings...stay tuned for a very fun blog!

Happy Birthday, Denise!!!

Hope you have a very HAPPY birthday, Denise...enjoy!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wii Fun...

Jim helps Ash w/ the rock concert on Wii

Erin blows out her candles...Ash eyes up the cake.
Fun times at Erin's bd party on Saturday...girls love the Wii games...!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Doing shot's of GM, Staci, Joe, and Chris at O'friel's
Mo and Staci showing off our "drink #1"...

top cat showing off her "tat's"...
Mo, Renee, Jody, Staci at Bottle Cap'sStaci and Jody doing shots at Bottle Cap's....

Again, can't wait until the BIG St. Pat's one and only FAVORITE loop of the year!!! Man how times have changed. Back then we always started at noon, at O'Friel's...then we'd hit Bottlecap's to get our free loop bracelet's from Tim O. Then Scratches. Now, it's so different, but still fun...we do the parade with the kid's, lunch at DP's, then drop of the kid's and head to LOHO for the fun to begin...awesome times!!! Did I mention we celebrate Staci's birthday...LOL!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the Making!!!

Today marks a very historical day in our lives!! The very first black president was sworn into office today! Barack Obama is our 44th President of the United States. I am proud to witness this historical moment...and from this day on, life will be very different, hopefully for the best! We are in the worst recession ever; housing and finacial. I've lost thousands from my 401K, and the college fund 529 for my kid's....Time for CHANGE!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day!

Ashlee and Haylee coloring while waiting for their grubb at Bob Evan's
Woke up to a white day...

We were all off for Martin Luther King day, and what a nice snowy day it was....we all went out to breakfast at Bob Evan's, then off to roller THAT was a hoot, but of course I left my purse in the car, and thus my camera too, so I didn't get to capture the fun!!! Next time for sure (and there will be plenty more times there as it's Haylee's FAV thing to do as of the moment AND she wants her bd party there)...what a fun family day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jam...Country Roads...

...not sure why I keep taking vids in bars at night, when I know it turns out too dark...but I tried to capture some of the fun night...JUMP!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jim and Jim

Sister's, Tracy, and Jody
Maureen K., Chris, Rob, Staci, Jimmy Mac, Jody

Mo, Jimmy Mac, Staci
Tina, her sis Mandy, her mom and dad

Sister's, Maureen K, Staci

Karen, Mo, Kim

Matthew and Tina
Karen, Frank, Rob, Staci, Jody

LOVE SEED (playing my fav, JULIO)

Girl power...

Kim, Karen, Tina W., Tina and MO
Mandy and her friend

The Szymanski's...

Tina Wolf and Dale

Karen, Kim, Matthew, Tina

Karen, Sarah, Kevin, Frank and Jim
Mo, Tina W., Staci

Jody, Kim, Tracy, Maureen K.

Before heading out, Mo and Tina

The gang before going to the party
Karen, Frank, Chris
Matthew K, and Maureen K
Jim and Jim...lot's of Jim's there...

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!! This surprise has been in the works for MONTHS...there was supposed to be two separate parties for her, but once her mom got LSMJ to play at her party, we jumped ship and decided to make it ONE BIG FUN DAY! Tina was COMPLETELY shocked and surprised when she saw everyone...she had NO IDEA...YAY! Everyone had such a great time dancing and enjoying themselves...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA!


Mo, Dianna, Michele
Garrett, Dillion, Haylee, Brandon, Kaitlyn, Ashlee

This morning I met up with two girlfriends from back in my FUNUSA days...Dianna and Michele...loved working with them! Michele got married and is a stay at home mom (so jealous) and Dianna got married and moved towards Dover...they each have 2 young children about the same ages as mine, so my kids are looking fwd to more company!!