Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girls' Night Out!!

Finally the time has come to see the Sex and the City movie...being a HUGE fan of the TV show, I was more than anxious to see the movie with my girlsfriends...what a great many twists and turns that I never saw coming!!! **TIP** Be sure to bring tissues with you if you plan to go see that's a MUST...:) Truly a FABULOUS time!! Afterwards, we headed for some cosmo's of our own at Mikimoto's and Toscana's...can't wait for the next BIG event! Greek Festival anyone...?!?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Cam's PROM

What an exciting night for Cam and his friends as they attend Sallies Senior Prom...great pics!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Fun roommates at Baystrand 1995
Mo, Renee and Liz (1996)
Tina, Mo, Ann Marie at Cork (1994)
Our VERY first Jam Session EVER...Mo, Tina, Ann Marie, Renee, Memorial Day 1994
In keeping with the Summer theme, I thought I'd dig deep into the archive and post some pics of our FIRST Dewey Beach Share. 1994, Renee, Ann Marie and I went in on a "half" share for the first time ever...we got to go every other w/e. We stayed at the Perch, on Dagsworthy, in Dewey...had such a GREAT time...I used to sneak Tina in so she didn't have to pay a guest fee. The 2nd & 3rd year, Renee went all out and got her own town house in Dewey on the Bay, called Baystrand...more fun blast! One time Joey stayed with us and I told him NOT to park on the grass (if there is one thing you must know about Dewey, they watch your parking like a hawk and WILL tow), which they did to Joe's jeep...yup, he didn't listen to me, he listened to Renee of all not only did we have to each come up with like $50 each to bail his jeep out, we had to WALK all the way to Rehoboth to get his darn car...hmmph...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Why can't I get, just one kiss...

Joe, and Rob, in their TOWEL attire (did I mention it was the popular accessory of the night for the men?)...

Chicken dance meets the hand jive, meets the mummers.

You know that ole saying..."sometimes you feel like a nut...." yeah, so that's what they mean....Joe cool takes on chicken little and tries to attempt the chix, or something like that...:)

I know a place, where I can go, when I'm Alone...

Rob and the new hair accessory...:) It was a popular thing of the night apparently!!!

Waterslide fun...

Tommy & Liam collide

LATE Night...

Rob is laughing hysterically at Joeybaba....(with Jody)
Mo, dad, Rob, Jody
Joe & Mo
Jody, Joe, Mo getting silly
Rob and his twins...
What's with the towels...Robbybaba
Mysterious men....
Charlie's Angels...

The party must go on...Joe, Rob, Jody and myself hung out for a few more drinks, shots, and laughs, after everyone left....not feeling so hot this morning...but I got up, made a big breakfast for all who spent the night, and must get ready for the next party...

Naked Boy....

Liam was quite the exhibitionist..stripping naked for no reason, in the sand box with Haylee...he is a riot!!!!

Fire Pit

Saturday we had a surprise visit from Aunt Loretta, Bella and Tommy...Jimmy made a nice fire to end the night, with marshmellows...:)

Lean on Me...

Haylee, Daddy and Ashlee
Ashlee, mommy and Haylee
Haylee and her FAV teacher, Ms. Schumann
Friday Jimmy and I took off from work so we could go see Haylee's last concert/recital at school, where her class sang "Lean on Me"....then off to their FAV restaurant, Cheeseburger in Paradise...nice day off!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 Memorial Day Party!

Rob, Mary, Sarah
Joe playing beer pong
Cutie Leah
Sleepy girl Jessica
Frankie says's ok to like heals too....peace!
Staci and Joe

Mom, Mary, Dad, Loretta, Rob
Tina, & Mo
Tina, Staci, Jody, Sarah and Mo
Jess taste tests a toy of choice
Jess won't sit still...LOL...Loretta, mom, Jody, Raegan, Mo, Tina, Denise/Jess

Hosted at Maureen & Jimmy's...A fun day, great weather, lots of food and friends make for a fantastic start to the Summer...:)

Friday, May 23, 2008

FLASH BACK FRIDAY: 1998 Deck Party...

While living in Brown Town, Staci and Chris would host an annual deck party...always fun, always late nights...:)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ashlee "Star Student"

What an exciting day for the Mulvena girls...each got their own award at school today...Ashlee got the "Star Student" of the week for her pre-school class...great job, Ashlee...:)

Haylee gets an AWARD!!!!

Congratulation, Haylee, on your winning the "Wrangle Hill Award" this marking period for your class...We are so proud of YOU!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

All Grown UP...Cameron Szymanski Graduates!!!

Cam with 5 day old Haylee...

Cam and his (much younger) girlfriend, Brianna

It's hard to imagine Cam is graduating from Sallies!!! When I met Tina, he was just this cute, little 4 year old, always by Tina's side...and in a blink, he's 18, graduating HS and going off to College!!! Congratulations, Cameron...what a great young man you turned into!!!