Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding and a date night...

The gorgeous bride and her new hubs
Mo and Jim

New friends...Kara, Mo, and Nicki (crazy girls)
Stogie time...Jim, John and Jeremy
Mo and Matt Gatta...

After the birthday party, Jim and I headed out to a wonderful wedding...The beautiful bride, Jessica Dubb (now Rolo), got married at the oh so elegant St. Joseph's on the Brandywine, and the reception was at my FAV place of all, the Hotel duPont Gold wanted to have my wedding there but they didn't have my date avail...:( Anywho, ran into some old, familiar faces...and met some really nice new ones...the food was amazing and we had an awesome time!

Collin's birthday party fun...

Jim and Ash try their hand with the motorcycle
Collin enjoys his day
Cousins...Erin, Bella and Haylee take a break from running around
A nice day at the Family Fun Center in Middletown...the kid's had a blast playing in the maze, and playing all the games, riding the bumper cars and frog ride...Ash tried her hand at lazer tag, but gave up shortly...she was just too little....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Montage for Jim's birthday...

I thought it only fitting that I post his montage I made for his surprise 40th bd last year...a little re-visit down memory lane was in order...sorry, during the transfer, some of the bottom text of the video was cut off...:( But I think you can figure out when he gets voted MOST FRIENDLIEST....:)

Too Loud...

One thing about Ashlee, she has very sensitive ears...from the moment the chef started, she covered her ears, thru the whole thing...even when it was here in this video, everyone thought this was too cute how she was covering her ears, during the onion volcano (which had no noise)...LOL!

Catching Shrimp...

Haylee's does great catching her 2nd try, she caught it (and almost went right down her throat)! SCARY.... (I love watching Ashlee with her mouth wide opened too)

Birthday Dinner at Hibachi

What a treat...Haylee and Ashlee's first time at Hibachi...They loved it and were totally amazed at how the cook could do all those fancy things with his utencils...ok, so it went great up until the very end where Ash fell off her chair, backwards and slammed her head into the table which had an echo like you wouldn't believe...people in the waiting room could hear it...she was brave and waited as long as she could before she belted out her tears crying for her mama...I quickly took her to the lounge where the fishy's were and she was A-OK here's a pic of happier times...:)


Enjoying a foot soaking at La Petite Salon
Painting her piggies...
They even gave her a complimentary toe ring to chose from...
Then off to Build-a-Bear to adopt her new Monkey donned in a Hannah Montana outfit ($45, GASP)
AND, because it's her bd, they throw in a complimentary mani too...great place!
Today I took off from work and spoiled Haylee for her 6th birthday...a day of just her and I, eating breakfast at DD, getting Pedi's (thx Aunt Staci), going to lunch and the mall, Dippin' Dots and baking a cake for her dad, then dinner at Hibachi...we'll celebrate her big day next weekend as we have a wedding this w/e.


As much as I HATE to admit it, we actually used to sneak to these all male reviews quite frequently at one time (I was forbidden to go by JW)...then when Denise started to date one of them (BOB, front and center) we had to go to them...little did they know she was underage. Anyway, here is a pic of our proudest moment...LOL...With "America's Most Wanted"....I can't lie, I actually had a teeny-tiny crush on the guy I'm sitting on (he kept trying to put his hand up my shirt...ahhh)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bump & Grind....

Renee lets loose with some strange girl...catch the grope at the end...LOL!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding clip...Staci and Chris, 7/22/00

I did my best to capture it on video...:)


The BIG day...

Engagement pics


Bach party #1 (Dewey) We crammed into these guys beach house (they were so much fun & nice to let us stay there)

Bach party #2 (all Wilmington bars) for those who couldn't make Dewey At Scratches, Mo, Annika, Jody, Mo K, Raegan, Sarah, Nancy, Denise and Staci with man-doll

Wow, 8 year's and two kid's later...time sure flies (or perhaps it stands still)...oh the fun we had at your wedding, and let's not forget the fun bach. had TWO! Both of which I had the best times at!!! So, here's a little trip down memory lane for ya...hope you enjoy your day!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

LS/Rudder can't help BUT jump to this song...:)

Sorry it's dark, I keep forgetting night pics do NOT work on my camera..dah! But it's sort of cool as some light hits some people's faces as I scan the crowd...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Watch closely...These were some of the aholes we had to deal with...but we always got your back...LOL!!

BEACH-July 18-20, 2008

Get shorty....Jody vs the giant

Mo K's husband soaking up the attn....

Jam time: Mo, Staci, Ann Marie, Tina, Renee, Karen and Jody
Ann Marie and a friend
Ann Marie and her hubs John
AM and Mo
Staci, Jody and Karen

Renee and Glen Pool time

Sisters...Staci and MO K.
Staci and Mo M.

Taco Toss night...Mo, Staci, Jody, Mo K, Tina and Tracy

Another fantastic time in Dewey for us gals...wonderful weather, lots of eating and drinking, catching up with friends, and just too much fun & chaos to even mention! We tried out the new place called Nalu...loved it...Seriously the best time!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baseball Time...

Haylee and Ash ready to head out...
Ash, Jim and Haylee
Lyndsie, Chris, Gavin
Haylee and Gavin
Haylee, Ash and Lynds...
Instead of dinner, we decided to be brave and take the kids to see their dad's play baseball...usually we can't make the games because they start too late, or too early...this time it was just perfect, so off we went...the kids enjoyed seeing their dad play, and cheered them on...tears were shed as we left, as daddy and the rest of the "boys" headed off to good ole' Bulls Eye to celebrate their win...:) Man, I need a weekly hobby!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Ashlee tries her hand at hop scotch, while Tommy shows her how it's done...and, well, it's work in progress...lotso training still needed for Ash...but it's so darn cute watching her try!


Haylee and Bella enjoy their sundae's
Ash and Tommy finish their blue pops...
I spent my entire weekend babysitting and entertaining out of can't wait for the beach next w/e. But the kids enjoyed their cousin's and my BIL fixed my personal computer, so that was KEY! Can't wait to hear details of Ann Marie's 40th bd bash in Dewey this past w/e...I was there in spirit!!