Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It COULD Happen to YOU...part II

Another sad and unfortunate incident happened about 10 years ago, and it involved a co-worker. Marcus was a little too pushy. He wouldn’t take NO for an answer! He worked in the payroll department, and I worked in HR. Back then we didn’t have on-line payments nor were we paperless. So every time I needed a check request, I had to go to HIM. It got to the point where he would see the check request was from ME, and then he’d cut the ck, and bring it up to my desk personally! Luckily word got out that this guy stalked me, and as soon as my co-workers would see him enter our floor, it was like a chain buzz from person to person to get me to HIDE in an empty office until he was gone!

That solved my work run-ins, but then I’d soon start seeing him at the bars I’d frequent…and he would always talk to me and ask if he could ‘give me a ride to work or home’ since he knew where I lived…ahhh! HOW did he know where I lived?? Eventually I’d see him at the bar and immediately turn around and exit the bar and go to another one! Well, he finally got the hint and moved onto his next work victim, Jen…but she blew the whistle on him and went to security about his stalk-like tactics…AND, she used MY NAME as a victim as well, to strengthen her own case! So, in walks security to my desk and drills me about Marcus. They told me he was getting fired but they needed ME to file a complaint against him. WHAT?! There was NO way I wanted to have anything to do with him getting fired! He wasn’t bothering me anymore!! But eventually security wore me out and I gave in. Gosh, I never wanted him to get FIRED! What ever happened to giving out WARNINGS??!

For weeks I was petrified to go anywhere, for fear of running into him. Surely he was told that I was one of the Narks resulting in getting him fired! What would he do to me? Would he freak out…stalk me even MORE to get revenge? YEARS passed and I never ran into him…until a couple weeks ago…at the grocery store, frozen foods aisle. I felt someone’s eyes on me, but I wouldn’t make eye contact. Then he approached me and I was caught off guard…he walked right up to me:
Marcus: “Maureen? Right..?”
Me: (Looking confused)….”Yes, do I know you?” (I felt that eerie feeling all over again)
Marcus: “YES…remember, I used to work at FUSA, payroll…until they fired me!” (he laughs…ME? I want to cry…)
Me: “Ohhhh, right….sorry to hear about that.” (hoping he has no idea I had anything to do with it)
Marcus: “I just want to say thanks…they told me you didn’t want me to be fired.”
Me: (gulp….speechless….I think my heart was in my throat! I’m thinking to myself, they said they wouldn’t tell him names?! WTF??)
Marcus walks away…he says “c’ya around”….and that was that!
I felt relieved, yet sort of freaked out…wait…he said “c’ya around”….why would I see him around?….is this guy really over it? Uhhhh, I’m just paranoid! So this blog as my witness…if anything happens to me people, you got this as proof…LOL!


Dr Zibbs said...

Look out he's right behind you! Just kidding. And speaking of stalking. If you're the blond one in the picture I think I saw you about 2-3 months ago if that was you talking on your cell a few stores up from Barnaby's in West Chester. This was before I ever saw your blog but I have a really, really good memory for faces. Plus, you look like a friend of a friend that I haven't seen in a while and I thought you were her.

MO said...

That must have been my twin sister, Marina...LOL! Actually, I am the blonde, but I don't think it was me you saw. I haven't been in that area in awhile. How funny that you have a friend of a friend who looks like ME...I'd love to see it!

Anonymous said...

Oh that Zibbs. Checking out the blondes in WC again, eh?

Janet9967 said...

I was one of the many who would alert Mo that Marcus was on our floor. The guy was completely creepy!!! Our security team pressured her into helping them fire him--I think they didn't have enough reason or something and needed a bit more, but they were determined to do it. Those were the height of "drama" days at FUSA!