Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today I had my 5th suspicious freckle removed, in the past 2 years. It was on my neck, and it HURT when he removed it. I will find out in 2 weeks the results (gulp). Trust me when I say, my past experiences with the sun were bad ones. I thought that the tanner I was, the better I looked. Well, take it from this very fair-skinned Irish girl, who didn't tan easily, that I didn't care.

After HS, I made it my mission to make myself tan...and I eventually won. Tanned everyday...tanning beds were my friend. You'd occassionally find me up on top of my parent's roof top, just to be closer to the sun!!! Sure, I'd burn first...but eventually I would tan a nice golden color, which ironically I thought made me look healthy!

But let's skip back to my childhood where my parents didn't put sunscreen on me, until AFTER I burned...I can't tell you how many times I had sun poisoning on my body or my FACE.
Now I don't even BOTHER to tan...haven't been in a sun bed in YEARS. I prefer to fake it...spray on tan, of self tanners are now my friends. My body is nothing but freckles and moles! Not as bad as Lyndsie Lohan, but close enuff!

I found something interesting at my docs office today. He said even those who DO tan easily, are just as (if not more) susceptible to skin cancer. I know a girl who had beautiful skin, no freckles and tanned very her early 20's, she found out she had skin cancer. I was shocked because she didn't present to be a candidate. Almost like someone who never smokes gets lung cancer...they listen up and cover up. Skin cancer can come at any point in your life. I'm taking the extra precautions to get myself ck'd out every 6 mos (after Summer.) Have YOU?


Anonymous said...

Ohh boy. Crossing fingers the results are negative.

Thanks to goodness I don't have any suspicious marks on my body yet. And I am so careful in the sun now, I actually feel a little guilt when I am on the beach. You only get ONE skin!

MO said...

I always think about Noel and her skin cancer...she had perfect skin, and tanned so easily...scary!

Anonymous said...

Noel has always had those moles on her body though - those are so risky, no matter your complexion.

I dated a guy a couple yrs ago that had a big mole in the middle of his back, and I told him to get it checked (misshapen). He was very dismissive, saying he's only 24, blah blah, but I kept on him for months. He finally went to the doc and sure enough...stage 2 (of 4) melanoma. He thanked me for saving his life, but I'd rather he listened to me in the beginning.

Skin cancer is no joke.

MO said...

Holy cow, good catch with that guy!!! Didn't know Noel had alot of moles either...she just tanned so well, no freckles...Jim was showing me some of his moles and I told him DEF get it ck'd out ASAP!