Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bieber FEVER

The girls first concert...Justin Bieber!!!  He was in Atlantic City yesterday, so Jody and I purchased tix for the kiddos...we kept it a secret for months, and finally spilled the beans right before we left...and the BIGGEST surprise was Jody buying a limo for us...woohoo (with my fave wine, too!!!!!)  So, it was the girls first concert AND first limo ride!!  They were giddy with glee!!!!  All and all the concert was awesome...JB put on a great show!  Of course it started at 7pm, but he didn't come on until was a VERY loud, but the girls adjusted.  After an hour of of JB on stage, Ash was ready to zonk...and she did, right there on my lap, blarring music, screaming tweens and all!!!  Definitely a night to remember tho!!!!

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