Thursday, October 16, 2008


I must say, baseball is one of the most boring sports to watch (for me)...GOLF being #1 most boring...BUT, when my hometown team does so well, and could possibly win the WORLD SERIES, you can't help but watch...and, well, it surely doesn't HURT to have such a hottie as Cole Hamels...!!! I love men in uniform...and since my husband is not only a huge baseball fan, he also plays the sport every Spring and I love when he's in his uniform...!!! Go COLE...I mean, PHILLIES!!!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't mind watching last night. Agreed on the Golf thing - UGH! Like watching paint dry.

I kinda dig on Cole myself, and it's really neat that he and his wifey live in WC - we saw them twice! I wasn't one of the people bugging him of course - I let the kid eat his dinner for crying out loud.

I think Chase Utley is a fine specimen too.

See?? Baseball isn't so bad!

MO said...

LOL...OK, I just had to google Chase and ck him out...and you are correct, fine specimen indeedy! I was on the phn talking to my hubs when I was reading your comment and asked him who Chase was...bad idea as he proceeded to tell me the WHOLE darn line, thx.:(