Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Dayz...2011

So far Dec and January have had quite a bit of snowfall, and we are not even into February yet!  Personally, I'd rather NO SNOW...I want the sun and sand!  Girlz have been off 2 days in a row, and we just got the call they are off Friday now, too.  Jim even had off today (TY UPS)...they frollick in the snow but not for too long before their frozen faces come in for some hot cocoa!

Baking and school projects were on the agenda today...tomorrow cousin fun, Saturday cousin bd party, and Sunday Jim's dad is taking the girls to a Play/mucial in Wilmington, so Jim and I can have a free afternoon to ourselves!  Of course I'm hearing we are due to get MORE snow Saturday, and next week...ugh!

Can't believe January is almost DONE!  February is short, but sweet--holds lotssa fun...the 5th and 19th!  Then bring on MARCH BABY...the LOOPdeLOOP!!!!  Need I say more...

Haylee working on her paper mache for her 3-D School Project

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