Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday outing...short lived

Our first down Saturday in weeks.  Sleeping in and coffee were on the agenda.  Then Haylee had swim lessons, baths and off to lunch at Bertucci's, followed by Boscov's and Block Buster.  I started to feel 'off' so we quickly came home, and I went to bed.  My belly hurt for a few mins but it stopped...but unfortunately I'm grounded by my hubs, while he goes out to watch the game, I was tempted to go to Jenn's to meet her and Rae with the kiddos....but he made it clear, no means'm feeling like a teenager again...hmmph!  So how bad is it really to lay in bed, watch reruns of SATC and eating dark chocolates...not too shabby for Mo!

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