Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Out of nowhere at 7pm last night my belly started to hurt...for 3 hours straight, I was doubled over in horrible and constant pain.  I thought maybe I had the tummy bug, but surely it couldn't hurt THIS bad.  By 10pm I was in tears...Jim insisted I go to hospital.  That made me cry even more...I did NOT want to go sit in an ER for hours with this pain and all those sick people.  I do not handle the ER very well...I get nauseous just sitting there. 

So, I told Jim I would go, but he was to stay home with the girls.  Poor guy was a wreck, calling me every 5 mins.  The ride there seemed like forever as I hunched over in pain trying to drive.  I got admitted right away, and almost fainted so they laid me down and injected me with so major meds.  That zonked me OUT.

They did an array of tests...u/s, CAT scans, blood work, urine test.  What they found out is that I have a kidney stone, but they do not believe that is what is causing my major belly issues...sure it contributes to some of the pain, but not the belly 100%...they thought gall bladder, UTI and the stones combined...but all seemed ok w. gall and uti...they said my urine had bacteria in it, and my white blood cells were very low...but why, they are baffled. 

By 7am, I was able to go home, but I'm on 'watch' for more symptoms...specifically they are afraid of my appendix.

Jim and the girls came this morn to pick me up.  I was so woozy from all the drugs I was not allowed to drive home.  Jim took today off and is prepared to take the rest of the week off if need be.  The doc gave me 3 anti-biotics to take...

So, diagnosis unknown really...I asked about cancer (since it runs in my fam) and he said they did ck for that and saw no evidence of cancer.  I imagined this was the type of belly pain my dad is going thru...and it's awful!  I'm on Percocet as well...pain is still there...now more when I'm standing...

I will rest and see how the week goes...hoping it's nothing major...and praying no more ER!  Let me tell you, all I heard is sick people throwing up all night, it was a nightmare!!!
God bless those nurses who had to deal with it all...it takes a strong stomach to witness that as much as they do!!!

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