Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cafe Gelato!

EVERY year I get a 'free dinner' on my bd at Cafe G....but, I have never gone, mostly because it's hard to do with kids...but, this year...I decided my kids were old enough to come with me (JIM was still working), so we finally enjoyed a nice, must say, won't go again...first off, way over priced...and it was not even that good... we got the "squid" as my kids call it...calamari...was place EVER to have this is at Harry's on the's not 'fried''s awesome.  Then I got the lamb, it was so-so...BRIO rocks this tho, best ever...but, Haylee ate most of mine anyway!  I got Jim a platter to go (filet), so we shall see how he likes it.  And to end it...(did I mention) WAY expensive...WAY!!!  But, happy bd to me, right...sigh...!!  I barely got my 2nd glass of pinot in me before my kids were begging for their ice cream...gah!  But,'s MY day, they can wait surely a few more I enjoyed the last of my vino...and they did, thank you girls!

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