Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Penance

Haylee receives her 'heart' Haylee ready to roll...
Yesterday, Haylee received her 1st Penance (reconciliation)...she was very anxious but did great. Very proud of her!!

I wasn't thrilled with how St. Anthony's held the ceremony -- they had 3 priests up on the alter, and THAT is where your child 'confessed' their privacy what-so-ever here...OMG I was mortified! Who does that?? What happened to PRIVACY people! There she sat, front and center up on the alter, face to face with a priest, while a long line of children and parents waited for their turn, as if waiting to see Santa or something...there they stood, steps away...standing there, starring at them while they spilled their most deepest regrets. I was not happy about this set up at all. Talk about feeling the pressure!! Why weren't they in the private booths?? You can bet your bottom dollar I'm voicing my opinion on this poor choice.


Anonymous said...

Gavin's was similar. He could have gone into a private room, but the line was really long. We had about 10 priests to choose from. He did fine. The other parents and children kept their distance. Sorry it was such a bad experience for Haylee

MO said...

actually Haylee was unphased since she didn't know any better being her first was ME that didn't like that...they didn't give the kids an option, it was up on the alter...just way too close for my taste...I guess it's the 'new' thing since the booth might freak them out?? LOL