Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When it rains... POURS!!! Case in point...Monday night was emotional and stressful already since it was the viewing of Jim's grandfather...add more stress by getting a call that your 4yr old fell and gashed her head open...!!! So, I ran to TT to get Ash, and took her to Glasgow Med was a nightare experience...long story short, they attempted to inject 4 needles into her cut to numb it -- she got 2 in...Ash was freaking OUT screaming in pain, that all the nurses from the front desk came running in to assist!! They tried to suture it w/ 3 stitches but it wasn't numb enough, so they only got ONE stitch in....Ash was so upset, I asked them to stitch was good enough!! Good God...why can't they glue it or give her something to take the edge off like they do at the Dentist?!?! Oh well....she will have a nice scar!

Then I rushed her home so I could be with Jim in his time of need..I made it in good time!!!! TG!

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