Saturday, November 14, 2009

Out- N - About

What a fun Saturday night out...first up, Ches Inn for Tina Wolf's bd...lot's of fun catching up with her, she's a HOOT and hasn't changed on bit! Then me and Tina Ski rushed to Wilm to make the grand opening for Funkee Monkee...however at 11:45pm they were STILL charging $10, no off to BBC to see Rob Knotts and Chris M...then off to Scratches to see Jimmy Mac. Gotta luv hangin' at Magoo''s the only bar that let's you hang there til wayyyy past closing. Oh, and me and Tina made a 2am run for the Border....YUM!!!! FAB Times!!!!

Tina, Tina, Mo and Tina W's friends at Ches Inn
Tina and Tina making some moves on the dance floor
Me and Tinabina
at BBC with Chris n Knotters

us with the one of the owners of BBC, Dan
Bobby, me, Tina and Jimmy Mac at Scratches

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