Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September is Cancer Awareness Month

Today is the one yr anniv of Patrick Swayze's death...he died of pancreatic cancer.  Sadly at this time, I had no concept of what pancreatic cancer was, until my dad was diagnosed 3 mos later.  Just knowing it's the worst cancer you can ever get, is heart breaking. 
I also never really took the time to read or understand The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, who too died pancreatic cancer, 7/25/08...it's such an inspiring book!  Last night they did a segment on TV about him, and I couldn't stop crying...his family is an inspiration to me, as I struggle to accept and deal with the 'hand we were dealt!'  Any cancer is a HORRIBLE cancer...and I pray with all my might that one day, they WILL find a CURE!!! 
I know alot of people might think,...hey, your dad is 77, he lived a long, full life...sure he did, doesn't matter...he is still my DAD, and every day I have to watch him suffer thru this horrible beast..nobody should have to watch a loved one go thru that...but, I'm learning, we have to live for each day and be thankful, and make the most of what we have!
One of my favorite quotes from The Last Lecture is:
"I have a theory that people who come from large families are better people because they’ve just had to learn to get along."       I couldn't agree more!


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I love you sweetie! And here for you and your family always! hugs! Tina