Friday, March 25, 2011

Mommy & Me Day...

Kids are off today, so I took off and we headed out to do some shopping at Justice, followed by a nice seafood lunch (it's Lent, can't have MEAT!)  My kids LOVE shrimp...and I'm not talking that fried crap, I'm talking grilled and garlic style...they also love mommy's Salmon!  They now want to try, next time...cha-ching!  Geesh, their taste is getting a bit expensive now...:)

Since we were at the mall, I thought maybe I could try and shop for ME, real quick run into Express...but we were not in there 2 seconds and Ashlee proclaims "can we leave, we've been in here for 10 hours..." followed by deep sighs of boredom!  Ok, so we headed into Victoria's Secret...I had $20 coupon and wanted to buy more of my fave perfume...real quick stop...but as I turned to try on samples of the perfume, I see my girls feeling up the mannequin...Mortified, we were so outta there...clearly I need a ME day!!!  Wine is on the menu tonite!!!
loving the lobsters


Anonymous said...

We all need "me" days. Hope you get one soon. My daughter is now babysitting if you ever need one. -Steph

Anonymous said...

AH yes....definitely will need a good sitter...thank you!!!!