Thursday, April 21, 2011


Many of you know, my sister Patty is going thru chemo...she has 2 more treatments to go...but she is completely bald.  I told her back in Dec. I'd chop my hair too, just for her!!  So, today I went and took the plunge...I showed my hairdressed the exact hairstyle I wanted...and walked out with the EXACT opposite...NOT HAPPY about it at all!  I don't understand how she thinks it's even remotely the same cut?!  Oh well, it's not that its so short that bothers's this STYLE...hate this style...just not, I will prob be getting it cut yet again very soon...but at a different hair place!!!  I was so ready for a hair cut can do wonders for the email, new FB...embracing this CHANGE!!!

I wanted this
but got something like this (but much, much shorter) instead....


Anonymous said...

While I think the cut looks great I know that all the compliments in the world won't matter if you don't like it. You've got the right mindset--embrace change and remember that it will grow out. I'll bet in another month it will be as long as that Jenny McCarthy pic!


MO said...

Thx's hoping...:)