Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jimmy and Haylee!!!

Haylee is my lil' miracle baby...a very long and difficult 9 mos but certainly worth the wait.  I cried when the doc told me he was going to induce me on 7/25...that was JIMMY'S birthday and I didn't want to take that away from him...but he was thrilled when I told him...he said it was the best birthday present he could ever ask for!  A gift that truly keeps on giving...I love you BOTH!

So, even tho today I had to work today, Haylee had a good day...after work we hit Justice and she got some nice stuff, followed by her choice of Olive Garden for dinner...I also bought her new bedroom outfit...zebra stripes with hot pink trim decor! 

Jim had to work so we brought him home his fave meal and some dessert and sang happy birthday to them...!  Saturday we'll celebrate their big day with lots
of cousins!!

Can't believe next yr she hits DBL DIGITS...10!!!!!

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