Monday, May 4, 2009

Soggy Point-to-Point

Bryen from MGG

What our feet looked like after walking to/from bathrooms...ewww

Before we hit the rain
There's a FIRST for everything...and this was our first EVER wash-out for PTP...never in all the years did it rain allllll day long. But, have no fear...we made the most of a rainy day by putting up a huge tarp, and Jim bought a new tent! It was not fun walking thru the mud to hit the bathroom...and hate to admit this; but on the way back to our car after it ended, I bit the dust, or should I say MUD! Right there, in front of the world to a dress no less! I have bruises all down my right side and I feel like a truck hit me. TG I brought extra clothes to change in for 1717. A wet, but FUN day (thx Joey!)

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