Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soggy weather and sickie days...

Flat out ZONKED...Ashlee... Early morn playtime..
What a change from what our busy w/e was supposed to be: 9am soccer, 4pm bd party, 7pm cocktail party and Beef &, zero!! Haylee was home sick Thurs and Fri, with the end result being she had STREP...what a horrible, painful illness...we almost hit the ER several times Thurs night. And to top it off, it's RAINING today...but, when it rains, ya get things done inside the be it!

We'll make the changes and make it fun...Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, McD's Happy Meals for lunch, pizza for dinner, and movie and WINE for mama...what a lazy but great day confined inside...Haylee is feeling so much better. Jim is going to the beef n' beer solo (it's a benefit for his friend whose wife died suddenly and they had 2 young girls the same ages as ours), and I will stay home with the sickies...We'll rent a movie & make the most of a yucky day! Get lots-o-rest for PTP tomorrow...did my rain dance already...:)

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