Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cocktail Party!

Jim and I decided to host a evening of cocktails and fine h'dorves with some fabulous friends!! Worth all the effort and every penny...had a GREAT time we decided to do it after Labor Day, it's cooler and most people won't be at the beach!!

Ann Marie, Diana, Tina, Mo and Karen
funny Kim

Kim, Di, Tina and Mandy
The ladies of the night!
Not sure what Denise is showing Karen...but there's Kim and Justice and Ann Marie...:)
Tina, Mo, Lorrie and Staci
Wayne, Lorrie, Joe, Staci, Chris and Pop Filliben
Staci and Mo
Chris and Tina
Chris, Staci, Lorrie and Wayne
Brother and sister...Mo and Chris
Ann Marie and Tina
Chris, Joe, Jim and Wayne
Diana, Mo, Tina and Ann Marie
Di, Mo, AM
Let's say...the night got a bit interesting...:) Staci and Denise show off some new underwear!
Joe and Kim

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beachmom15 said...

Hey Mo.. thanks for dropping by my blog. I wanted to send you an e-mail, but you don't have listed under your profile.
Lisa (lisita15)