Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just Beachy!!

We decided to take the challenge and hit the beach during one of the most busiest Holdiay's ever...Labor Day weekend! The day went as planned...Up early, had everyone all packed, sandwiches, beverages, snacks, beach stuff, etc...we hit zero traffic, got a great spot on the beach, had awesome weather! We were there by 10am!
We decide by 3pm we'll take showers and be even more daring and hit the boardwalk and, me and Ash get our showers, and I go to open my bag to get dressed, and to my horror, I FORGOT to pack my clothes!!!! There I stood, in the buff, with NO CLOTHES other than my sopping wet bs...DANG! So, I gritted my teeth, stepped back into the sopping suit, and dealt the hand I gave just DEAL!
So, off to the boards we go...low and behold, we all found perfect and CLOSE parking spots...YAY! We grabbed some grubb, then hit Funland, and ended the night with ice cream...
In a nutshell, fear not the Holiday...take the's well worth it!!!!

3 cool chics...Staci, Tina, Mo Ashlee having fun

Liam, Lyndsie, Braedan, and Gavin on a fun ride.
Daddy and his Ashlee...
Ash, Liam, Lynds, Gav and Braedan

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