Saturday, September 26, 2009

GNO...Birthday Celebrations!

September was a busy month for birthday's...Jody, Kim, and Diana! Sooo, that calls for a GNO!! A bunch of us went to see the movie "All About Steve"...hysterical!! Then off to Mikimoto's to catch up w/ the rest of the crew for some much needed drinks!!


Anonymous said...

oh great end of the night pic, Mo! you always capture the perfect moment - bah!!!


MO said... were dancing with that guy behind you...I had many more of these, but only chose one to!

Kimmie said...

Hello cutie in pic!

Mo, I love your top!

Great pics of everyone. :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh! to what music...was that scratches? good gracious! there isn't one where I looked intoxicated - delete :)


Anonymous said...

I meant to say where I "didn't" looked intoxicated....


MO said...

LOL...Tina, it was at Scratch gooey' were just havin' fun.
Thx Kimmie...I got it at The Limited..:)
I'm working on getting a HH together soon...and another girls gathering, BRUNCH!!! We dont get enuff woman time!