Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Party-Sept 2009

Hard to believe the Summer of 2009 is almost at an end! But, we look fwd to the fun of Fall, and um, maybe Winter...hurry up Spring!!!! Anyway, we hosted the 2009 Labor Day BBQ, and thank you to all who brought and made their delish dishes..!! Awesome time had by all!!

It was a bit chillier than we'd hoped but NO RAIN, so we can't complain...

Mo, Magda, Tina mom and daughter...Jen and Staci

Brrrrrrr...the cold didn't stop them...Ash, Lyndsie, Ryleigh and Leah brave he water slide and have a blast!
The Women...Tina, Mo, Jod, Stac, Karen, Sarah
DANG...Jody gives the BR finger...(blue rocks)

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