Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Dad

Most of you know my dad is suffering from pancreatic cancer AND lymphoma. To date no treatment has been scheduled...just lots and lots of tests...it's VERY FRUSTRATING!

And most of you know we have a HUGE family and lots of friends, so I thought since I do email updates to everyone, it might actually be better if I set up a Caring Bridge page dedicated to my dad. This way, anyone can sign up for automatic updates, and they can fwd the link to anyone else too.

So, I've set up his page today (see link below), and it's still in the very early stages, but expect updated journal entries starting tomorrow, on test, treatments, results, etc...I will also add photos, etc.

There's just so much going on, I think this is the best way to communicate. So, here is the link...feel free to comment in the guestbook section as well:


Anonymous said...

I just signed up for the updates. Great idea. Hang in there.

MO said...

Thx girlie...he has a LONG, LONG road ahead of him...:(