Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Robert J. Filliben 4/25/33-2/21/11 at

My tribute to my dad...I truly miss him more and more each day, but I know that altho cancer may have taken his body, they didn't take his soul!!! He is finally at peace and no longer suffering at the hands of CANCER!! RIP dad!!


Anonymous said...

So touching. I wish I had the pleasure of knowing your father. The love everyone has shown proves what a remarkable man he was. He lives through all that love. - Stephanie

MO said...

Thank you, Steph...your support has been so wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your father, Maureen. You have a big, loving family that will forever keep him alive with your memories. I agree with Stephanie, I wish I had the pleasure of of knowing him. But I know he raised strong and loving children. My prayers are with you through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Maureen. It's obvious how much your dad was loved and how well he lived his life. We should all take a lesson from him on living life to the fullest. As hard as it is not having him here, you and your family will always have these special memories and his spirit will always be with you.

Anonymous said...

That was the MOST beautiful tribute to your dad. He was a wonderful, strong, caring man who cherished his family and friends. You captured that in the montage. Great job!! I am sure that you and your family will watch that over and over again to remember all the wonderful times you had with him.



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there is nothing anything in the world except parents,especially father. father is like a friend. and I think you have done a awesome tribute to your father.