Friday, August 19, 2011

Black Box...Dumb Blonde...

In today's age, the 'boxed' wines have come a long way and are actually much better than they were back in the day!  So, I thought since the shelf life of an opened bottle of wine is not very good, maybe if I tried the boxed kind, I could enjoy a glass here or there w/o hurrying to finish the bottle before it goes skunk!

So, I go to the store, knowing nothing about what is the BEST kind, I simply went with the most expensive...surely it had to the best if it cost the most!?

So, BLACK BOX was the most expensive...(turns out it was top list from Oprah).  Sooo, I buy it, take it home, and have a hell-of-a-time trying to OPEN it!  It's perforated lines were thick, so my genious mind says to get a knife...a very SHARP knife, and cut along the perforation...DUH!!!  YEP, actually what you think happened...HAPPENED...I ended up popping the plastic bag slightly inside the box, now causing a constant DRIP of wine to come, now it lays on its belly in my fridge and I'm trying to HURRY up and drink it since it's leaking (ironic in why I bought the boxed wine to begin with)...I'm using it in all sorts of foods when I cook...and having a glass here and there...but here is the gives me the worst HEADACH the next morn!!!  Even just ONE glass...WTH??? 

I should just toss it, but I can't seem to get over the concept of wasting I will continue to cook with it as much as I can until that sucker is GONE!  LESSON LEARNED...LOT'S OF ADVIL AFTER!

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