Thursday, August 25, 2011

(OVER) Analyze THIS...

Ok I admit it...I'm superstitious...and I was lying in bed tonite and out of nowhere a ladybug landed right next to me on my bed...disliking ANY bug, I froze and watched it crawl toward me, but I didn't touch it...and it flew away on its own...then not even a half minute later, it came BACK, same spot, right next to me on my bed...this time I took a card and escorted it out but as I walked out of my room, it flew towards the light of the chandelier. 

SO...a few thoughts came to light of the freaky stuff going on lately with the earthquake (which by the way, I was on the 17th floor and thought the bldg was going down) and now this hurricane (Irene), I wondered if it was my dad trying to say 'it's going to be OK'....I have read that ladybugs are considered good luck...hmmm, I think I like that!


Anonymous said...

Ladybugs ARE good luck, silly! ;)
I don't freak out unless it's a nasty spider.
Let's hope your dad has some influence over Mother Nature and takes care of us!

MO said...

Thx Janet...I'd like to think so too...hope you are all safe...we are all doing good SO FAR...:)