Saturday, October 24, 2009


Welcome to my Swine Flu Chronicles...

Yes, I've been hit with the H1N1 flu. It came fast and it came furious. You get every symptom you can think of, all rolled into one big flu. I must say, the only thing I didn't get was stuffy/runny nose. I did get the high fever, chills, body aches, head aches, bad congestion, strep, dbl ear infection, and NO voice. So, 2 trips to the docs, 2 diff prescribed meds, and lot's of rest. It truly took 48 hrs before I felt even the slightest bit of relief. We took precautions and wore masks when in my room. Jim and my parents took great care of me. The girls wrote me love letters every day. I pretty much lived on soft foods like soup and pudding and yogurt...but today, today I enjoyed a 1/4 sliver of an Italian was fantastic!!!

Here's sickie, in bed w/ mask (which I only wear when someone is in my room)...tons of mags to read, lots of TV time, and a tray of fluids and meds next to me. Jim gave me the 'ok' to do some online shopping...well alrightie then. Here's my hero...he's been a solo dad for the past 4 days doing it all (w. the help of my parents)...he's just he best!!!!

Man do I miss hugging these girls!!!!!
Today is a rainy, miserable day...I am stuck at home...and thx to ME, my girls cannot go to their fav cousin's bd in Lancaster, so to help turn that frown upside down, Jim took them on a fun excursion...the toy store, bowling, making cookies and movies. I'm more sad that I'm missing Rick's funeral today...I may not be there physically, but I'm there thoughts are with him/his son's today (not so much his immediate family, they are questionable if that!)

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