Monday, July 12, 2010

Girls' Beach w/e (July 9, 2010)

POOL!!!  First thing we do when we get to hotel Friday at noon, lay out by pool, lunch on wraps!!!After pool we head to Taco Toss!!!!
Another AWESOME w/e with awesome friends!!!  It did rain on Saturday for the first part of the day, so we went shopping...then hit Naylu for an awesome lunch...then we got ready for JAM...rain stopped just in time for us to go there.  I definitely ate more pizza this w/e than I ever have...and my darn camera died Friday night, so luckily Raegan had her camera so she let me take pics for JAM with her camera...they are posted on FB!  Sunday was gorgeous, so we ate brunch at Starboard, then got a late ck out and hit the beach...Thank you ladies for a FUN time...can't wait for next year!!!!!

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