Thursday, July 29, 2010


What a LONG night last night!!!  My 5 yr old was literally BORN sucking her thumb.  She has that thing in her mouth, almost 24/7 really...we've been trying to get her to drop the habbit since she was 3, but it's not as easy as simply taking away a pacifier (which neither of my kids ever took, TG).  She starts kindergarten in a couple mos and I found this stuff on the yesterday before camp, I applied one coat to both of her thumbs and sent her off to camp!  Seemed uneventful when I asked how her day went...but then at 2am, I hear her gagging and sobbing...apparently she put her thumb in her mouth and got a big taste of that nasty stuff and was gagging...crying...needing water.  She sobbed because she said it was so hard NOT to automatically put her thumb in her mouth!  This went on and off for over 30 mins., so needless to say I'm a is on the agenda next!!!  One application lasts 2 days, so she is stuck with it for another night...I'm hoping like every other hard habbit to break, that each day will get easier...Stay tuned! 

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