Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just Sayin'....

No pics (forgot my camera), but I thought I'd blog about my day so far!  With Haylee sick with the fever virus for 2 days, we prayed she would recover soon enough to enjoy some of this awesome weather!  She awoke Saturday with no fever and remained fever free all day, but we didn't want to take that for granted, so she remained indoors and in her PJ's majority of the day. 

I felt bad for Ash who was not sick, so once Jim got back from golfing, Ash and I hit the pool for a few hours, and had a great time...then home for showers and off to get new kicks for everyone.  Then we decided since Haylee 'seemed' ok, why not take advantage and eat OUT and enjoy the off to Chesapeake Inn we went.  GREAT time..we sat outside, enjoyed some frozen drinks and good munchies/meals, then a short walk to get ice cream outside watching all the beautiful brides enjoying the most perfect wedding day ever...just gorgeous!!!!  Makes ya wanna get married all over again (this time a SUMMER wedding, thank you!)

So Haylee still is fever thinks we'll be able to hit Staci's big July 4th party afterall...YAY!!!!


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