Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve-2010

Christmas Eve @ the Filliben house was typical...Capriotti subs, spirtis, FUN...then as we all started to get married, move, and have kids, it became a different sport as such...Jim and I started our own tradition on xmas Eve with our did everyone else.  But then, last year, when my dad was diagnosed with 2 cancers, Jim and I decided to change it back to the 'tradition', and go celebrate it with THEM...the ones who need us most. 
So, I made a lasagna and it was perfect...good times were had, and my dad (and mom) needed that!

This year...with all that has gone on, we decided to do the same...go back to our I got a HUGE order of Capriotti's subs, dips, appis, and everyone who could be there, was there...Patty and her fam (from IN), Sara and her fam, me Jim and fam, Fran, Bri and fam, Chris, Mary, Aunt E....alll there...and we made the most of this SPECIAL FAMILY TRADITION.

 5 sisters, but ONE missing...

2 sibs missing (Loretta and Rob)

me and my beutiful sister, Patty

all the grandkids but 3 missing

tracking Santa from daddy's cell phn...oh technology today!

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