Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Night Fun

Usually Jim's dad picks up the girls every Monday from school, and then watches Ashlee for me while I take Haylee to her weekly religion class at St. Anthony's...but today he had a conflict, so after I dropped off Haylee at class, me and Ash hit Kid Shelleen's for their Monday FUNday....every Monday kids eat for FREE, and they have a balloon artist who comes around and makes amazing crafts for the is Ashlee's 'ornament' hat...she couldn't WAIT to show her dad...unfortunately, it popped 2 seconds after she showed it to him...oh the tears...thx DAD...(JK)!


Anonymous said...

OMG me and my friend were going to go there on Monday but I had a dinner meeting. We go there a lot on Mondays! You can't beat the price:) And, the new fish tacos ROCK!

MO said...

....besides free for kiddies, it's half price wine...that's even