Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Good and the Bad

Thought I'd blog about my weekend...and I'm slacking BIG time when it comes to taking photo's lately...missed a great photo op weekend...

Friday after work we headed to had a great time, we had great weather and no lines.  Afterwards we headed back to my sister's house in Lancaster, and me and my sibs hung out til 4:30am chatting and laughing over wine, beer and lots of munchies...that morn we hit the country club pool and relaxed on another gorgeous day!

For Father's Day on Sunday we visited my dad's grave and had a nice breakfast at my mom's....Jim played golf and me and the girls took him out to dinner at girls LOVED it and they both ate their entire meals...steak and salmon!

Now, the bad part of my w/e is I banged my engagement ring on a grocery cart on Thurs night and lost one of the side diamonds...and now my Lexus is dying...thinking it's the starter or altenator...I have my parents car today and we will see what Lexus says is wrong with the car...and decide if it's time to get a new car or put more money into fixing this one up...ugh...hope this is all the bad news...please!!

All and all, a busy but FUN family filled w/e...:)  Now gearing up for Disney this Saturday! 

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